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Real Comfort, Real Fit - Depend for Men and Women

Depends Real Fit Briefs

Depend has gone to great lengths in order to chip away at the stigma of incontinence through series of videos starring professional football players, Canadian figure skaters, and celebrities like Lisa Rinna; all willing to try the adult diapers while in action to raise awareness and money for charities. This video stars Depend for Men Real Fit Briefs on their own, showing how much more closely these innovative briefs hug the body for maximized comfort and discretion. For ladies, Depend Silhouette Briefs for Women have revolutionized bladder leakage issues with cloth-like fabric that looks and feels like real underwear and has a sleek, ultra-smooth fit.

Over 25 million people in North America alone have symptoms of incontinence, and while that symptom is not one of aging per say, the chances of becoming incontinent rise exponentially after 65. Join the ranks of the unabashed and talk to your loved ones about incontinence. Their skin health, propensity for social outings, confidence, and that wonderful feeling of taking control back in life will all thank you.