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Prevail Protective Underwear: Not Your Average Diapers

Adult diapers can be bulky and many persons with the symptoms of incontinence don’t want to wear underpants with diaper features like side tape or bulky backsides.

Prevail’s unisex protective underwear looks nothing like a diaper, though it offers all the protection needed to stay comfortable, dry and odor free. It’s made of a soft, latex-free fabric that looks and feels like regular underwear.

As for skin health, ventilated panels help maintain dryness and resist overheating, both of which can cause “diaper rash.” Plus, the cloth-like back sheet provides a secure and comfortable fit that comes in five sizes for normal absorbency and two sizes for super absorbency.

Choose the level of absorbency that’s right for you or your loved one as you normally would with prior brands of adult diapers. Prevail protective underwear have super-absorbent cores and blue Stay-Dry strips that control odor, ensure dignity, and prevent skin breakdown and/or irritation for ultimate comfort.

This regular absorbency latex-free underwear is available in sizes Youth/Small, Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXLarge; the super absorbency Prevail Protective Underwear come in Small/Medium and Large. Check the product pages for waist measurements. Available by the pack or case.