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Prevail Disposable PER-FIT Underwear are the Future of Adult Diapers

Prevail adult disposable PER-FIT Underwear embody the new look and feel of modern adult diapers and incontinence protection. Loss of bladder control affects more than 25 million adults and the stigma surrounding incontinence symptoms are going by the wayside. Which is great news and, aside from raising awareness, it has much to do with new technologies that make incontinence products more discreet and effective.

Prevail PER-FIT diapers pull up like regular underwear and a feature soft outer cloth, which is quieter and more comfortable than plastic. Their comfort is also enhanced by the carefully crafted waistband and ventilated panels that keep skin cool and healthy.

The custom Advanced Zoning System and QUICK-WICK strip inside each of these Prevail diapers mean that fluid is wicked away from skin quickly and odors are locked in just as fast. No leaks, no embarrassing smells, plus no discomfort equals a big YES to managing bladder control with greater peace of mind. Plus, customer feedback implies that Prevail PER-FIT are a perfect fit! Customers who’d experienced sizing problems in the past rave about the way PER-FIT Underwear feel when being worn. The medium sizing option fits waist sizes 34 to 46 inches, the large 44 to 58 inches and X-Large is for waist sizes 58 to 68 inches. All of the sizes are available in packs or by the case.