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Boxer Man? Incontinence Needn’t = Briefs

Prevail Boxers

The fact is, men become accustomed to wearing either "Brief" style underwear or "Boxers” early on in life. Loss of bladder control requires big adjustments to daily life already, but for boxer men, Prevail by First Quality has come up with the perfect solution to combat the prevailing array of brief style adult diapers: Prevail Boxers for Men. In a consumer market that has not provided incontinence products made to fit this preference until now, a lot of men are going to be feeling a lot more comfortable.

The Prevail Boxers for Men are designed to look and feel like standard boxer style underwear. They’re disposable with a “maximum absorbency core” that’s body close, offering superior protection without additional bulkiness. These Prevail Boxers feature a diamond print as well, making them look even more like conventional men’s boxer shorts for added dignity and discretion.