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Portable Bed Rails for Seniors Ease Travel Worries

Stander Inc.’s Portable Bed Rail and Organizer weighs only seven pounds and folds down to suitcase size easily with a simple pull-pin. Despite its slight stature, the manufacturing and safety strap make this product safe for supporting up to 400 lbs.

There are many factors that contribute to these bed rails for seniors being a favored choice. For one, they are extremely economically priced. For another, pocketed organizers are one of the most popular accessories for bed rails, and this one comes with a four pocket organizer included. The pockets are convenient for storing glasses and a book, medications, snacks or whatever else makes you or your loved one’s life easier and more comfortable. Having needed items nearby also means less need to stand and less chance to fall.

Seventeen inches wide and 22” in height makes it so this rail works fine with higher pillow top mattresses and can be attached to any sized home, hotel or hospital bed. The cushioned foam grip is easy to clean and very supportive. These senior bed rails make it easier to sit up from lying down, change positions, stand up and maintain balance once both feet are on the ground before taking the next steps.

Whether going on vacation, staying with family for a few weeks or even for regular home use until ready for a trip, Stander Portable Bed Rails for seniors help out physically and also ease worries. Preventing falls both home and on the road is crucial for elder health and wellbeing—not to mention the hearts and minds of those we love and whose safety is a top concern.