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MoliCare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diapers Offer Superior Protection

Molicare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diaper

Multiple comfort features and excellent absorption are the hallmarks of MoliCare Super Plus Overnight Diapers. They are MoliCare’s most absorbent diaperand the large stretch polymer padded panels maximize comfort and mobility, making them the ideal choice for heavy bladder and/or bowel incontinence. The MoliCare Super Plus absorbency has much to do with the three-part absorbent core, which wicks moisture away from the skin with fibers made specifically to soak up liquids and neutralize odors.

Another reason MoliCare Super Plus Overnights work so well is due to their attention to providing the right fit. Containment cuffs prevent leakages and the dual adjustable tapes on each side allow for a great feeling, personalized fit every time, and can also be refastened if needed. Plus, the comfort stretch poly backing and front panel are padded for extra protection that still allows you or your loved one’s skin to breathe, without feeling bulky. This lack of bulkiness makes these “overnight” diapers an excellent daytime choice for heavy incontinence as well, and will require fewer changes than typical adult diapers.

MoliCare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diapers are available in cases of 56, with four packs of 14 per case. They can be used by both men and women and come in waist/hip sizes Small (20” - 31”), Medium / Large (27” - 56”), and Large / Extra Large (43” - 64”).