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Medline Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks Moisten and Refresh the Mouth

Some of Medline’s top selling products, these lemon glycerin swabs are the perfect way to moisten dry mouths and gums and refresh both the breath and the inner flavor of one’s mouth. This is very useful if living in a dry climate, but especially so if you or the one you care for has a swallowing disorder or depends on enteral nutrition.

The product’s pleasant flavor and lasting moisturizing properties lend great relief to those who need them, and they also double as a great refresher between meals, when brushing one’s teeth just isn’t an option. Another popular use of Medline lemon glycerin swabsticks is for the middle of the night. Relieve dry mouth without having to take a risky midnight walk to the refrigerator. Plus, if living with symptoms of incontinence, using a swab for nighttime dry mouth is a safer option than introducing fluids when there are still hours of sleep left to be had. As long is one is properly hydrated, Medline Product’s swabs make an excellent alternative to night drinking.

This Medline product comes in foil packets with three swabs each to keep the tips fresh and moist until ready for use. They’re available in economical cases of 750 (250 packs of three) or boxes of 75 (25 packs of three).