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Medline Incontinence Products Highlight: Double-Up Liners

Discretion is one of the top concerns for persons living with incontinence. Medline provides an extensive selection of incontinence products, from adult diapers to these Double-Up Liners, many of which—including the Double-Ups—are streamlined with new core technologies that absorb odors and aren't bulky looking or feeling.

Medline Discrete Double-Up Incontinence Liners are ultra-thin, utilizing innovative super-absorbent polymer that keeps skin drier longer. The material is also soft against skin. Doubling up with these liners essentially means adding protection to disposable undergarments. An adhesive strip keeps these thin pads securely in place and adds a good deal of extra protection for moderate to heavy incontinence.

Pair them up with the briefs that are already working well for you and go longer between changes, add a sense of relief that you’re protected from visible leaks and all without having that bulky feeling. Each pad is individually wrapped for convenience and measures 3.5” wide by 11.5” long. They are only available by the case, with 192 pads in total via eight packages of 24 liners each. Plus, these Medline pads are latex free, designed for use by both men and women and are gentle on fragile skin.