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Medline Anti-Thrust Wheelchair Gel Cushion

For older seniors, elderly with posture problems and many Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, wheelchair sliding is a major concern. Even with a belt, a small senior may slide to the precarious front of a wheelchair in under an hour. The Medline Anti-Thrust Wheelchair Gel Cushion helps keep a person in place while sitting in a wheelchair. It’s designed to place the thigh and pelvic bones into proper alignment and has a one inch shelf in the middle to further reduce occurrences of thrusting.

Slips and falls are leading causes of injury and hospitalizations in the elderly population. Taking every extra step possible to prevent these dangerous mishaps, from transfer devices to anti-thrust wheelchair cushions like these, is a step toward greater peace of mind and enhanced safety.

This Medline cushion for wheelchairs also features a high stretch cover that is fluid proof and very easy to clean. Just measure the inner dimensions of the wheelchair seat itself and then choose from an 18 by 16 or 18 by 18 inch cushion.