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Twin, Full, Queen, California King Sized Home Beds: Carex Chrome Adult Bed Rails Fit the Bill

Adult bed rails come in many shapes, configurations and sizes, but when the primary concern is keeping a loved one from rolling or falling out of bed, these chrome adult bed rails by Carex are an excellent choice. They span nearly the entire length of each side of the bed and are adjustable in both width and height. Perhaps you or the person you care for needs to switch from a queen size bed to a twin or full, these adult bed rails make the transition easy, as they expand to the desired width in just a few easy steps, from 26” to 72”.

The Carex chrome rails also easily adjust up or down with spring-loaded release. The height above the box spring will be with 15 ½” or 19 ½” depending on your preference, and when in the down position, the rail is flush with the top of the mattress for easy transfers.

When used for support in getting up, changing positions or reaching for personal items, the weight capacity for these rails is 250 lbs. There are many accessories available for adult bed rails, like quilted caddies that keep needed items within reach or padding / gap protectors to ensure that if you or your loved one tends to flail in their sleep, bruises and bumps are kept at bay and limbs do not become entangled in the rails.

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