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Safer Elderly Bathroom Trips, One Stylish Bedside Commode Away

Moen Premium Bedside Commode

Ever since Moen expanded their line of fine products to include a premium bedside commode in 2008, we’ve had only the greatest of feedback as official Moen vendors. And it’s still one of the best, most attractive and affordable commodes on the market, made especially for bedside usage.

The Moen Premium Bedside Patient Commode is designed with slip-free rubber feet and a wide-leg stance to offer supremely stable support for persons up to 400 lbs. Other features that our customers love include the adjustable height settings, ease of assembly—“I loved that each set of screws was packaged and sealed with the part that was being assembled,” raved family caregiver, Kat—and comfort, comfort, comfort.

Outstanding features include the rubber-grip handles that are easy to grip and facilitate both standing up and sitting down. Unrestricted sidet allow for better freedom of movement and easier access. The elongated seat offers roomy support and protects against splashing and it’s contoured to allow for easier personal cleansing.

Moen backs this innovative bedside commode with a limited lifetime warranty. What’s more, before introducing the commode, they submitted it to 23 independent safety tests to be sure that it provided a safe as well as useful alternative when walking to the bathroom isn’t possible or practical. That gives caregivers priceless peace of mind at an extremely economical price.

To make this top of the line commode even more of a time and energy saver, commode liners like these make cleanup a breeze and germ-free. Using liners enables you to eliminate hand washing the commode bowl and ensures simple collection and disposal of waste. Plus, you’ll have one more layer of odor protection, as these specialized bags come with an inner lining that turns bodily fluids into a gel within seconds.