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Bed Wedge to Keep Acid Reflux at Bay

The Acid Reflux Sleep Bed Wedge provides a gentle slope from one to five inches in depth and has a large surface area that allows for a comfortable night's sleep. The slight and gentle slant helps prevent acid reflux and other upper respiratory distresses such as snoring, sinus irritation, and sleep apnea. It is also a useful tool in combating heartburn.

Even with the proper bed wedge in place, because of the way our bodies are set up, if you’re a side sleeper, try sleeping on your left side. This ensures that your stomach is below the esophagus. A great example of gravity working in your favor. This bed wedge continues gravity’s help via its soft yet supportive ventilated Ulti-Mat foam core, which also lends the proper elevation. Because of its size, your chest and neck are elevated along with your head, thus preventing neck strain, which only compounds matters of sleeplessness and can also cause damage to your neck or spine over time.

This product is returnable if it is unused and sealed in its original packaging. The bed wedge’s specs are: a slope from five inches to one in height, 32" in length and 26" wide. There is also a wedge cover (sold separately) that offers a removable, washable, soft quilted surface for enhanced comfort and fits the Acid Reflux Sleep Wedge perfectly.