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R.O.S. Activity Gifts for Seniors

ROS Play Therapy System

The R.O.S. Play Therapy system is a great way to re-engage a loved one with family, friends or other caregivers as well as enjoy on their own. The system is made up of familiar games, activities and puzzle themes that make it easy to play, talk and reminisce. Diversions fit neatly into one of several activity boards, modular components that sit in a main tray, which is easy to balance in your lap or in bed. Activities include peg solitaire and cards, plus there are craft boards, clipboards for puzzle books, and gardening and craft boards.

A truly great innovation is the R.O.S. series of 8” by 10” magnetic puzzles with large sized pieces that can be assembled on one of their magnetic holders. Traditional sized puzzles are available as well. Fun images include an entire Elvis series, national monuments and landscapes. Magnetic puzzles that are too big for the tray can be assembled on the fridge. All components are sold separately or as bundles, including a deluxe edition that makes a unique gift for seniors for any occasion.