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Abena Underwear and Other Incontinence Essentials

Abri Sam Premium Incontinence Pad

In addition to the Abri-Form Premium and Comfort Briefs, Abena, the family-run healthcare company based in Denmark, is known for other ultra absorbent incontinence products, including the Abri-San Premium Pads. Designed for varying levels of incontinence, these pads are anatomically shaped and work with the Abri-Fix Pants, pull-up style unisex absorbent underwear that provides support and comfort that normal underwear can't deliver. The Abri-Fix Pants provide the extra room needed for the Abri-San pad to fit securely and comfortably and can be washed up to 30 times.

The 411 on the Abri-San Pads
Abri-San Premium Pads are an ultra-premium design. Constructed with the most innovative technology and quality materials, they have a soft, noiseless backing and are fully breathable to protect skin health. Like the Abri-Form briefs, they're certified to be free of dangerous chemicals and allergens and are environmentally friendly.

The Abri-San Premium Pads are sized according to a number system that reflects both their dimensions and more specifically their absorbency range, beginning with the smallest at Size 1 to the largest and most absorbent at Size 11. Parentgiving carries popular sizes 5 (which holds up to 41 oz of fluid) through 11, (which holds 115 oz).

In addition, the pads offer all these features:

  • The anatomical shape combines with a soft elastic border for a snug fit that's comfortable and secure.
  • Special materials including long cellulose fibers, polymers, a unique fiber separation technique and an additional core in the center, add up maximum absorption, strength and dispersion of liquid.
  • A special acquisition layer and embossed channels draw in moisture while increasing dryness and comfort.
  • Soft, highly repellent and reliable leakage barriers, extending right to the edge, ensure unrivaled leakage protection. On the larger sizes, a built-in cross barrier offers optimum protection against rear leakage.
  • The textile-like back sheet provides increased comfort and minimizes the risk of skin irritation. Both heat and humidity dissipate faster than with plastic backing, reducing the risk of skin irritation and overheating.

Among the other popular Abena products, you'll find their signature Wet Wipes to gently cleanse skin and help further protect against rashes and irritation—no phthalates, no heavy metals, no chlorine, no formaldehyde, no AZO-pigments, or other substances known to be harmful to health or the environment. These generously sized wipes are available in large soft packs, plastic tubs and tub refills.