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Wound Dressings

Freeship Wound dressing with highly absorbent layer of cotton/rayon fleece in either a soft & conformable non-woven or gauze fabric.
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Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Self-Adherent Foam Dressing

PG#: 00001vSC282055
By: Molnlycke Mepilex

Safetac technology layer: Reduces pain and trauma during dressing changes, does not adhere to the moist wound bed, only to dry skin, seals the wound margins and reduces risk of maceration.

  • Product Type: Skin Protectant



Sterile Matrix Elastic Bandages

PG#: 00003vDYNJ05154LF
By: Medline Industries

Sterile elastic bandages made from a polyester/cotton blend. Various widths in 5 and 10 yard lengths.


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    Decubitus Pad by Mabis DMI

    PG#: 00001v64806040
    By: Mabis

    This attractive reusable bed pad helps to prevent and heal decubitus ulcers. It protects bedding, furniture and wheelchairs from moisture. It is made of synthetic sheepskin top surface that wicks moisture away from skin and keeps user dry while sitting or sleeping. The waterproof protective bottom layer helps prevent leakage and is highly absorbent.Hypoallergenic100% polyesterMachine washableDurable and comfortable


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      Molnlycke Mepilex® Transfer Soft Silicone Exudate Transfer Dressing

      PG#: 00001vSC294899
      By: Mepilex

      Mepilex® Transfer moves exudates away from the wound, minimizing the risk of maceration and enables management of difficult-to-dress wounds.

      • Product Type: Dressing



      KERLIX™ Gauze Bandage Rolls - Sterile

      PG#: 00001v686715
      By: Kerlix

      Sterile, 6-ply, 100% cotton gauze roll. Sizes available: 4.5in x 4.1 yards, 4.5in x 3.1 yards, and 3.4in x 3.6 yards.



        Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Double Wrapped

        PG#: 00001v61431605
        By: Xeroform

        Double-wrapped Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. Sterile. 5 x 9 Inches.

          was $8.74


          Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Patches

          PG#: 00001v61433301
          By: Xeroform

          Patches of Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. 3 Sizes: 1x8, 2x2 and 4x4 inches.

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            Curity™ Cover Sponges

            PG#: 00001v683157
            By: Curity

            Curity brand sterile & non-sterile cover sponges. Covered in non-woven fabric. Size: 4x4 or 3x4 inches.

              was $9.40


              Wet-Pruf™ Waterproof Tape

              PG#: 00001v683267C
              By: Wet-Pruf

              Waterproof tape for highly moist areas. Available in cases or singles.



                Tegaderm Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing

                PG#: 00001v881626
                By: Tegaderm

                Conforms to the body and flexes with skin for greater patient comfort.



                  Coverlet® Adhesive Dressing

                  PG#: 00001vBI00230
                  By: Coverlet

                  Box/100 | Available in .75in. x 3in. strips or 1in. x 3in. strips



                    Xeroform™ Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Rolls

                    PG#: 00001v61432000
                    By: Xeroform

                    Rolls of Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. Sterile. 4 Inches x 3 Yards.

                      was $16.24


                      Excilon Drain Sponge 4" x 4"

                      PG#: 00005v70862000
                      By: Excilon

                      4in. X 4in. | 6ply | Box/50



                        MedFix Retention Dressing Tapes

                        PG#: 00003vMSC4002
                        By: Medfix

                        Water resistant retention tape in multiple sizes.


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                          Skin-Prep Protective Dressing Spray

                          PG#: 00001v54420200
                          By: Skin-Prep

                          Protective dressing that helps to increase the adhesion of tapes and wafers.



                            TELFA® Ouchless Non-Adherent Dressings - Non-Adhesive

                            PG#: 00001v681050
                            By: Telfa

                            Non-stick wound dressing pads. Ideal for lightly draining wounds. Multiple size pads available. (Box, Pack or Case size)



                              Kendall Curex Stretch Bandage

                              PG#: 00001v682292
                              By: Dermacea

                              Non-sterile, strech bandages for securing dressings, IVs and splints. Available in 4in x 4.1 yard rolls in packs of 12.



                                Excilon® Drain and IV Sponges

                                PG#: 00001v687086
                                By: Excilon

                                Wound care sponges with a polyester/rayon blend specially crafted for exit sites. 2 per pack, sterile.



                                  Tendersorb WET-PRUF Abdominal Pad (Sterile)

                                  PG#: 00001v689194A
                                  By: Tensorb

                                  Triple layered wound dressing with WET-PRUF technology. 3 sizes available.



                                    Manukamed MED SAF Fiber Wound Dressing

                                    PG#: 00005v12102101
                                    By: Manukamed

                                    MANUKA MED SAF's custom fiber pad provides a larger super absorbent, cross-linked mesh gelling surface recommended for greater clinical ease.

                                      was $19.99

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                                      Tenderwrap™ Unna Boot Bandage With Calamine

                                      PG#: 00001v688036
                                      By: Tenderwrap

                                      Specialized boot bandage with zinc oxide and calamine.



                                        Kendall Curasorb Calcium Alginate Dressing

                                        PG#: 00005v92432120
                                        By: Kendall

                                        Kendall Curasorb Absorbs exudate from wound and creates a protective cushioning gel and optimal moist healing environment.

                                        • Size: 12", 24"



                                        Curity Anitmicrobial Packing Strip

                                        PG#: 00005v32782000
                                        By: Curity

                                        Antimicrobial Packing strip sterile reduces bacteria penetration, comes in plastic tray and a yard length.



                                          Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge

                                          PG#: 00003vNON25852Z
                                          By: Medline Industries

                                          Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge . Sterile. Packs of 2. 6 x 6.75 Inches. Box of 40 (20 packs).


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