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White Petroleum Jelly

Freeship White petroleum/petrolatum jelly has skin protecting properties and relieves cracked skin. Available in tubes, foil packets, jars and in bulk.

Curad Non-Sterile Petroleum Jelly

PG#: 00003vCUR005345Z     By: Curad

5 gram foil packets of white petroleum jelly. (Box-144)

  • Product Type: Tubes

was $24.99


Dynarex White Petrolatum 5 Gram Packets

PG#: 00002vD1120     By: Complete Medical

White petroleum jelly. 5 gm foil packs. (Box-144)

  • Product Type: Packets



Curad A&D Ointment

PG#: 00003vCUR003501     By: Curad

Twelve 2 ounce tubes of A and D ointment by Curad.

  • Product Type: Tubes