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Wheelchair Cushions

Freeship Wheelchair cushions aren't just about comfort, there are a host of conditions that benefit from the support provided by therapeutic/orthopedic seats. If you use your wheelchair for most or all of the day, the constant pressure can cause sores, skin breakdown, and even ulcers. Fortunately -- in addition to our comfort cushions and positioning cushions -- we carry plenty of prevention cushions capable of stopping ailments before they start. Whether you need foam, gel, air, or even sheepskin, we have you covered.

Gel Supreme Wheelchair Seat Cushion (3 inch)

PG#: 00001vKHPKBGS1616     By: Gel Supreme

Premium wheelchair seat cushion offering excellent pressure distribution.


    Coccyx Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion by Nova

    PG#: 000021v2603C-3-1616     By: Nova

    Support and comfort your body with Nova


      Medline 3 Inch Nylex Covered Gel Foam Chair Cushion

      PG#: 00003vMSC263104     By: Medline Industries

      Utilizes a gel pack between two layers of resilient foam to stabilize wheelchair patients while reducing pressure.


        3 Inch Gel Foam Cushion by Nova

        PG#: 000021v2601-3-1616     By: Nova

        Support and comfort your body with Nova



          Roho Mosaic Seat Cushion With Cover, 3" Height

          PG#: 00003vMSCMOS1816C     By: Roho

          Mosaic cushion provides a comfortable, functional and stable sitting environment and comes with a washable, non-skid cover.



            2" Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion by Nova

            PG#: 000021v2601-2-1616     By: Nova

            Support and comfort your body with Nova



              Gel E Wheelchair Cushions with Gel Bladder

              PG#: 00006v14886     By: Drive

              Pressure reducing wheelchair cushion by Drive Medical. Assists in prevention, treatment & management of pressure ulcers. (multiple sizes)


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                Eggcrate Wheelchair Cushion with Back

                PG#: 00002v1960A     By: Complete Medical

                Seat cushion with back - 18



                  Gel E 2 Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion by Drive Medical

                  PG#: 00006v14888     By: Drive

                  Pressure prevention wheelchair seat cushion by Drive Medical. Gel bladder surrounded by high density foam molds comfortably to user.

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                  Wheelchair Cushion with Fleece Top

                  PG#: 000018vR3998G     By: Rose Healthcare

                  Comfortable wheelchair cushion with fleece top for extra comfort.

                    was $87.49


                    Wheelchair Lap Cushion - Full Arm

                    PG#: 00002vSC307012     By: Complete Medical

                    For full arm wheelchairs, Width: 16 inches



                      Wheelchair Gel Cushion - Centurian

                      PG#: 00001vAPD5205     By: Centurian

                      Centurian Wheelchair Gel Cushion by Action Products. 18 x16 inches.



                        Eggcrate Wheelchair Cushion (seat cushion only)

                        PG#: 00002v1960     By: Complete Medical

                        Eggcrate Seat Cushion 16in x 18in x 3in.



                          SimplX GFST Microfiber Wheelchair Cushion

                          PG#: 00001vREG86761     By: Simplix

                          Wheelchair Cushion features gel/foam pressure relieving cushion with Soft Touch microfiber suede-feel fabric (18x16x3)



                            Fluid Guard Gel Cushion

                            PG#: 00001vHW244862FG     By: Pressure-Eez

                            Fluid Guard Gel Cushion from Hudson Industries. Offers pressure relief, support and comfort. (18x16x2)



                              Fold & Carry Foam Fleece Covered Cushion

                              PG#: 00002v1977     By: Complete Medical

                              Velour cover, hook and loop closure.



                                Wheelchair Lap Cushion - Half Arm

                                PG#: 00002vSC307032     By: Complete Medical

                                FOR HALF-ARM WHEELCHAIRS, Width 18 inches



                                  Wheelchair Cushion with Back Support

                                  PG#: 000010v7-1999E     By: Lumex

                                  Promotes good posture while providing proper support.



                                    Xact Classic Wheelchair Cushion

                                    PG#: 00001vAPDX1616     By: Xact

                                    Pressur ulcer reducing wheelchair cushion/pad from Action Products. 16 x 16 inches.



                                      Soft-Eze Sure Stability 3 Gel Cushion

                                      PG#: 00001vHFWC459001     By: Soft-Eze

                                      Durable, soft, gel cushion with 3 layer foam base.



                                        Soft-eze Stability Gel Cushion

                                        PG#: 00001vHFWC459101     By: Soft-Eze

                                        Highly resilient foam cushion with gel bladder center.



                                          Fleece Covered Wheelchair Cushion

                                          PG#: 000015vN1108     By: Essential Medical

                                          The Essential Fleece Covered Coccyx Cushion is just what your customers need!



                                            Dura-Gel Base 3G Wheelchair Cushion

                                            PG#: 000010v8565166

                                            Dura-Gel wheelchair cushion with Dura-Gel core.