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Wheelchair Back Cushions

Freeship If the head, neck, and lower back aren't properly positioned, sitting for extended periods of time can create discomfort, pain, and even injury. For those with spinal issues, a wheelchair’s stock backrest may not provide sufficient support; fortunately, our back cushions can help. Whether you’re in need of a contoured pillow for lumbar spine support, or a side-hugging pillow for lateral stability, we've got you covered.

Back Lumbar Cushions by Nova

PG#: 000021v2679BL-R     By: Nova

Temperature-sensitive memory foam molds to your body shape and provides customized comfort for your lower back.



Eggcrate Wheelchair Cushion with Back

PG#: 00002v1960A     By: Complete Medical

Seat cushion with back - 18



Fleece Back Cushion with Memory Foam Insert

PG#: 00002v2011A     By: Complete Medical

Maximum comfort back cushion.



Fleece Back Cushion with Foam Insert

PG#: 00002v2011     By: Complete Medical

Fleece Cover with Foam Insert



Wheelchair Cushion with Back Support

PG#: 000010v7-1999E     By: Lumex

Promotes good posture while providing proper support.



Extreme Comfort General Use Wheelchair Back Cushion with Lumbar Support

PG#: 00006v14889     By: Drive

Wheelchair back cushion with lumbar support section.


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