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Waste Containers and Transports

Freeship Waste containers and transports for chemotherapy waste, sharps, and other assorted waste products that need special handling.
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SharpSafety In Room Container - Counter Balanced Lid

PG#: 00001v688507SA
By: Sharpstar

SharpSafety 5 quart sharps container, in room style, with counter balanced lid.



DailySafety Dialysis Sharps Disposal Containers

PG#: 00001v688964
By: Sharpsafety

A rotor and hinged lid opening makes this sharps disposal container unique and safe.



SharpSafety Monoject Sharps Containers by Covidien

PG#: 00001v61676236
By: Monoject

Chimney top entry sharps container. Available in 4 quart or 8 quart capacities.



SharpSafety Transportable Container

PG#: 00001v688303SA
By: Kendall

SharpSafety transport container for sharps. Available in 1 and 1.5 quart volumes.



SharpSafety™ Chemotherapy Sharps Container

PG#: 00001v688982
By: Chemosafety

Sharps containers specifically designed for chemotherapy sharps and waste.



Safelock™ Chemo Transport Bags

PG#: 00001v68CT0575
By: Safelock

Transport bags for chemotherapy drugs and related products.



Biobloc™ Body Fluid Spill Kit

PG#: 00001v68BB6016K
By: Biobloc

Cleanup and protection kits for blood and other body fluids. Perfect for homes, hospitals, and schools.


Showing: 1-7 of 7
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