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Walker Tips & Glides

Freeship A large selection of walker glides, tips, walker tennis ball ends and more to help move walkers more easily.

Replacement Walker Glides

PG#: 00001vPNC3010     By: Penco Medical

Adjustable Walker Ski Glides. Fit tubing from 1 to 1.125 inches. Pack of 2.

was $18.65


Stander Walker Replacment Glides

PG#: 000025v4302     By: Stander

Replacement Ski Glides for the Stander Fold N



Drive Walker Ski Glides - Black, Package of 2

PG#: 00006v10110B     By: Drive

Ski glides for walkers by Drive Medical. For use with all 1 inch folding walkers. (Black) Package of 2

was $19.99

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Bariatric Walker Wheels with Glides

PG#: 00006v10118SV     By: Drive

Heavy duty walker wheels and glides by Drive Medical. Comes with 5 inch caster wheels and two sets of rear glides.

was $46.65

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Replacement Walker Wheels - 3 Inch

PG#: 00006v10111     By: Drive

Replacement 3 inch walker wheels with rear glides by Drive Medical.

was $26.65

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Deluxe Walker Glide Caps

PG#: 00006v10107     By: Drive

Premium walker glides from Drive Medical. Fit 1 inch tubing. Pair of 2.

was $19.99

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Able Life Walker Locking & Swivel Wheel Kit

PG#: 000025v4308     By: Able Life

The Stander Locking & Swivel Wheel kit is a one of a kind accessory that allows you the freedom of a swivel walker wheel with the safety of a stationary wheel.



Drive Walker Ski Glides - 1 Inch

PG#: 00006v10110     By: Drive

Universal ski-style glides for walkers. Fits all walkers with 1 inch diameter tubes. Easy to add to walker. (White)


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Guardian Walker Glide Caps

PG#: 00003vG07904     By: Guardian

Allows walkers to easily and quietly glide across most non-abrasive surfaces.




PG#: 00001vPNC400001     By: Penco Medical

Helps reduce friction and allows walker gliding. Multiple colors to choose from. (Pair of 2)

was $15.99


Tennis Ball Glides with Replacement Pads

PG#: 00006v10121     By: Drive

Walker tennis ball glides with replacement glide pads by Drive Medical. Longer lasting than plastic.

was $26.65

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Replacement Tennis Ball Glide Pads

PG#: 00006v10123     By: Drive

Tennis ball style glide pads by Drive Medical. Provide a quiet, smooth & durable glide experience when used with a walker.

was $19.99

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Deluxe Walker Glide Cover By Drive

PG#: 00006v10107C     By: Drive

Tip style glide cover for use over existing rubber tip.

was $19.99

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Single Fixed-Wheel Attachments by Invacare

PG#: 00001vINV6271     By: Invacare

Fixed Wheels with Glide Tip make it easier to maneuver the walker. The larger size wheels make it easier to navigate the terrain. These wheels are ideal when the user needs to go straight and they have the strength to pick up the walker and change directions. 5-year limited warranty. Fixed Wheels with Glide Tips make it easier to maneuver most Invacare walkers. Our adjustable accessories provide maximum flexibility and help improve maneuverability and use. Walker accessories allow individuals to customize walkers to their specific needs. 5-year limited warranty.


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Walker Ski Glide Sock Cover Set of 2 by Stander

PG#: 000025v4307     By: Stander

Protect your walker with these convenient Ski Glide Socks. Fits right over walker for comfortable feel