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Uplift Tech

Freeship Uplift Tech helps the elderly and mobility challenged to safely and easily stand and sit. Mechanical and electric power seats have up to 350 lbs capacity.
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IVA™ Seals for IV Bags

PG#: 00001v68CP3013B
By: Chemoplus

IV seal for McGraw's Excelâ„¢ Bags and Abbott Small Bags. 1000 per box.



    ChemoBloc™ Spill Kits

    PG#: 00001v68DP5108K
    By: Chemoplus

    Protection kits for chemotherapy accidents. Includes all necessary protective and cleaning equipment.



      Chemoplus™ Chemotherapy Gloves

      PG#: 00001v68CT01921S
      By: Chemoplus

      Extra thick latex gloves for those with frequent exposure to radiation. Available in medium, large, and extra large.

      • Brand: ChemoPlus
      • Color: Blue
      • Finger Thickness: 18 mil
      • Sterility: Non-Sterile
      • Surface: Fully Textured
      • Type: Latex
      • Manufacturer: Kendall
      • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large



      13mm IVA® Seals for Top Vials

      PG#: 00001v68CP3003B
      By: Chemoplus

      Red and blue colored 13mm top vial seals.


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