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Tranquility Incontinence Products

Tranquility Incontinence Products

Tranquility Incontinence Products

Tranquility adult disposable diapers for incontinence. All-Through-the-Night (AT...

Tranquility Pads

Tranquility TopLiner brand booster and contour pads. These booster pads come in ...

Tranquility Underpads & Chux

Tranquility underpads provide for exceptional skin dryness, odor elimination, ba...

Tranquility Wipes

Tranquility cleansing wipes are available in many sizes and styles. Choose from ...

Choosing The Best Tranquility

The superstores and the consumer product giants (like Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer of the Depend line of incontinence products) have this longtime understanding: the manufacturers will spend heavily on advertising to drive awareness and traffic to the mass retailer(s). The manufacturers will also make huge financial investments in slotting fees, co-op advertising, and stocking fees for prime location across a network of thousands of stores. In general, this works all to the good of the consumer: decent products at decent prices with ready availability across many doors. But in the ever-expanding world of incontinence and the power of the internet, you can pair manufacturers like Principle Business Enterprises — the makers of Tranquility, Select, and with Parentgiving buying power and supply chain to provide a better mousetrap.

Where the Mass incontinence brands invest heavily in advertising, their products can fall a little short in construction, quality, and overall absorbency. On the other end of the spectrum, incontinence products sold into institutional settings (nursing homes, assisted living facilities) are notoriously cheaply made. Principle Business Enterprises and their Tranquility flagship brand have taken another path to invest in making great product with lots of absorbency material and to pursue distribution outside of both the institutional and mass channels.

"Tranquility Premium Overnight and Tranquility ATN (All-thru-the-night) are some of our most popular products because they are ideal for family caregivers who recognize that super absorbent products require less changes and can still prevent incontinence associated skincare breakdown" says David Spain, CEO of Parentgiving. "I've toured the factory where Tranquility products are made and they do an outstanding job in their manufacturing processes and lab testing" says Spain. He goes on to say "What is not to like? An American made product (the Tranquility manufacturing facility is located in Dunbridge, OH) made with fanatical quality control, offering greater value and convenience, and targeted squarely to consumers aging in place." The Tranquility absorbency polymer is a proprietary formula and they sandwich A LOT of it into their briefs — I've personally tried the Tranquility ATN product as a test AND even tested putting the Tranquility polymer in my mouth." The polymer in the mouth incident was in response to The Honest Company's claim about their diapers being safe for ingestion. "The Polymer immediately expanded and a small amount of polymer bead soon grew to a chunk of polymer goo in my mouth — not my best effort to maintain composure" says Spain, "but it proved a point."

Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear

PG#: 00001vPU2116

Pull-up style overnight adult diapers with maximum protection for uninterrupted sleep. Latex-free, breathable fabric.

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Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Briefs (Tape - on)

PG#: 00001vPU2183

A latex-free, disposable adult brief with maximum absorbency. Design guarantees skin dryness, odor control & pH neutralization.

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Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpads

PG#: 00001vPU2088

Heavy Duty underpad with tear resistant backsheet and high absorbency level.

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Tranquility Topliner Booster Pads

PG#: 00005v875507_BG

Tranquility brand basic booster pads for incontinence.


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Tranquility Disposable Cleansing Wipes

PG#: 00001vPU3101

Large, moist cleansing wipes in resealable packages.

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