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TENA Extra Absorbency Protective Underwear
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These underwear are designed for heavy urine loss and provide dignified protection that is secure and worn like normal underwear. The exceptional security is due to the Instadri skin-caring system technology, which rapidly absorbs urine into the core and wicks away from the skin, so that even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable while the risk of skin irritation is reduced. For moderate to heavy bladder protection for men and women. Pull them on and off just like regular underwear; or tear away sides for easy removal. Soft, cloth-like material is as comfortable as underwear, and gentle leg elastics offer a smooth, snug fit. InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ improves dryness, promoting healthier skin.
  • TENA Extra-Absorbent Protective Adult Diaper is designed for moderate to heavy incontinence while being worn as normal underwear.
  • This incontinence brief features sides that can be torn for easy removal without removing outer clothing.
  • Comfort features include the InstaDri Skin-Caring System that prevents skin irritation by maintaining dryness.
  • The waist is elastic for easy pull-on and pull-off while providing additional leakage and odor control.
  • A premium absorbent core promotes dryness, and a soft, cloth like material helps in comfort.
  • Fully breathable technology helps maintain skins natural moisture balance to help promote better skin health
  • Absorbent core is surrounded by unique outer layer with micro pores, allowing excess moisture to evaporate
  • Small fits waist sizes 25-33"; weight up to 125 lb
  • Medium fits waist sizes 34-44"; weight, 115-195 lb
  • Large fits waist sizes 45-58"; weight, over 185 lb
  • X-Large fits waist sizes 55-66"; weight, over 185 lb
  • XX-Large fits waist sizes 68 -80"; weight over 185 lb

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Product Reviews (31)

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By Sha
Family caregiver
South Carolina

Mar. 20, 2020

Quality product

We’re picky. We like these products!

Pros:Fit doesn’t give way during day

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Chuck
Buying for myself

Jan. 16, 2020

Tena diapers

I wear diapers day and night now so I’ve been trying to find the best fit and quality and one that will hold a lot of urine since I have Ménière’s disease and sometimes during a long attack I’m not able to get up to pee from dizziness or balance issues

Pros:Tena are comfortable and hold about two voids with santi panty cover pants on over them/ I also use a liner or two and change quiet often/

Cons:I like pull on diapers so I can put them on myself cause I have to have help putting on tab diapers and is embarrassing especially if we’re out in town and somebody has to go into the stall with you / had some funny stares from people and rude remarks and jokes from people/wish they made a diaper easier to change without taking pants off especially when your away from home

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By CharlesRiver
Family caregiver

Oct. 23, 2019

Good quality but too small

Based on the sizing instructions, my husband would be size M but they just don't pull up high enough

Pros:substantial, comfortable feeling

Cons:sizing not right

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Helen
Family caregiver

Jun. 04, 2019

Good product

good product overall compared to other brands.

Pros:no absorbent enough for overnight

Cons:good quality, better secure fit but I need a brand that will last thru the night for 8-10 hours. Still looking

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By old car gal
Buying for myself
elk groove villageillinois

Apr. 04, 2019

great fit

of all thenumerous prodcts i have tried, Tena has the best fit



Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

Gender: Unisex 
Product Type: Pull Up 
Absorbency Rating: Moderate 
Size: Bariatric 
Brand: TENA 
Backsheet: Cloth-like 
Incontinence Type: Urinary 
Option: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large 
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