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Speech Assistance

The ADDvox7 Voice Speech Amplifier

PG#: 000029vHC-ADDVOX7     By: Addvox7

The ADDvox7 is ideal for individuals with temporary or permanent voice impairments and for those who rely on an electronic speech aid, voice prosthesis or who use esophageal speech.



TruTone Electronic Artificial Larynx

PG#: 000029vGR-LARYNX     By: Trutone

The TruTone is a highly adjustable electrolarynx speech aid that produces an excellent voice for individuals with vocal speech difficulties.



Servox Digital Electronic Speech Device

PG#: 000029vSI-SERVOX     By: Servox

The Servox® digital speech aid can be used by those who have lost their voices due to injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx, the opportunity to make themselves quickly understood again.