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Patient lift slings are designed to be suspended from and attached to the patient lift. These lifting slings are typically used to transfer patients from a wheelchair, bed, toilet, bath or from a seated position to another surface.

Bariatric Slings

Patient slings are designed to lift bariatric patients over 450 lbs. Features li...

Bathing and Toileting Slings

Patient lift slings with commode opening for toilet access and mesh slings for b...

Full Body Slings

Full sized sling that provides additional back and neck support.

Stand-Up Slings

Slings designed to be used to stand-up style patient lifts.


U shaped patient lift sling that fits most applications.

Hoyer Quickfit Padded Sling

PG#: 000045vNA1002P

The Hoyer Advance QuickFit Padded Sling provides a full level of comfort and support with a fully padded polyester material.


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Hoyer Deluxe Transport Stand Aid Sling

PG#: 000045vNA13502N

The hoyer transport sling is suitable for those residents with a degree of weight bearing ability. Gives comfort to users who need help with a stand lift.


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