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Freeship SafetySure specializes in comfort and transer devices such as slings and belts. Find the perfect products to make patient transfer comfortable and simple.
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SafetySure Transfer Belt

PG#: 00001vRI6034
By: Safetysure

Great for helping people with limited mobility to stand up or sit down. Numerous handgrips provide a variety of leverage points.

  • Size: Small, Large, Medium



SafetySure Transfer Belt (Sheepskin Lined)

PG#: 00001vRI6033S
By: Safetysure

Sheep skin lined SafetySure Transfer Belt is 4 inches wide. It is used primarily to help patients get up and sit down.

  • Size: Small, Medium, Large



SafetySure Pivot Disc

PG#: 00001vRI5081
By: Safetysure

Aids in transfers between the bed, wheelchair or toilet. Reduces caregiver back strain. (13,15 or 18 inch diameter).



    SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide

    PG#: 00001vRI978
    By: Safetysure

    SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide makes getting in or out of any vehicle, chair or bed easier.

      was $39.99


      SafetySure Turnease

      PG#: 00001vRI980
      By: Safetysure

      Ideal for patients with limited mobility or who have difficulty turning in bed.

        was $50.65


        SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board -SP

        PG#: 00001vRI5400
        By: Safetysure

        SafetySure Wooden Wheelchair Board



          SafetySure® - Solid Maple Transfer Boards

          PG#: 00001vRI5200
          By: Safetysure

          Patient transfer boards help bridge the gap between bed and chair.



            SafetySure Transfer Sling

            PG#: 00001vRI3011
            By: Safetysure

            The SafetySure® Transfer Sling (SST Sling) is a universal transfer device with multiple uses and applications

              was $73.32

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