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Freeship Relief medical products varying from back cushions for support to neck pillows for ultimate comfort. Parentgiving has many relief items for a great price.
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TriDerma Genuine Virgin Aloe Reliever Cream

PG#: 00001vGVA73025
By: Triderma

Reliever cream provides immediate and long lasting pain relief for foot and heel pain, arthritis, joint pain, sore muscles and pain from Shingles.

    was $26.65


    Essential Medical Sheepette Synthetic Sheepskin Heel Protector

    PG#: 00001vESD5005
    By: Essential Medical

    Heel protector reduces pressure to prevent skin shear and greater circulation

    • Product Type: Leg/Foot Protection



    Essential Medical Sheepette Synthetic Sheepskin Elbow Protector

    PG#: 00001vESD5006
    By: Essential Medical

    Elbow Protector reduces pressure to prevent ulcers and helps air circulation

    • Product Type: Arm Protection



    Convoluted Foam Heel Protectors

    PG#: 00003vNON081440PH
    By: Medline Industries

    Basic convoluted foam heel protector with hook and strap closure.

    • Product Type: Leg/Foot Protection


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    Sitz Bath

    PG#: 000010v3209

    Designed to fit standard toilets. Complete with graduated water bag and tubing.



      Famotidine Acid Reducer

      PG#: 00001vGDDLP14513
      By: Geiss, Destin & Dunn Inc.

      Heartburn relief and prevention



        Sitz Bath by Medline

        PG#: 00003vDYND80102H
        By: Medline Industries

        Medline Sitz Bath provides soothing rectal and/or perineal soaking therapy.


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          Leader Knee Compression

          PG#: 00001vSS4915583
          By: Leader

          Compression for the knee to bring relief to the area

          • Size: Small, Medium, Large, XL



          Carex AccuRelief Ultimate Foot Stimulator with Remote Control

          PG#: 00001vRMACRL5500
          By: AccuRelief

          This powerful device delivers prescription-strength relief by relaxing stiff muscles, increasing blood circulation of health muscles,help you get back to a normal activity level.

            was $352.93


            Carex AccuRelief Mini TENS Electrotherapy System

            PG#: 00001vRMACRL1000
            By: AccuRelief

            The AccuRelief Mini TENS Pain Relief System is a tiny compact electrical TENS unit that delivers powerful targeted and effective pain relief.



              Posey Double Padded Double-Security Mitt

              PG#: 00001v822819
              By: Posey Company

              Posey Double Padded Double-Security Mitt, Fiber Fill, 2 Overlapping Hook and Loop Closure



                Comfort Touch Knee Support Cushion

                PG#: 00006vRTL2017CTK
                By: Comfort Touch

                Comfort Touch Knee Support Cushion Alleviates discomfort by promoting proper alignment of spine, knees and hips

                  was $33.32


                  Zewa SpaBuddy Massage Belt

                  PG#: 00001vZEW21020
                  By: SpaBuddy

                  Zewa SpaBuddy Massage Belt Great for lower back, shoulders, neck, legs and foot massage. Soothing and relaxing massage belt.

                    was $79.99


                    Hermell Knee Support Pillow

                    PG#: 00001vHFMJ5037
                    By: Hermell Products Inc

                    Gently cushions your knees when sleeping on one's side. Creates an even and balanced support

                      was $19.99

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