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Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility Infinity Collection Power Lift Recliner LC-525i

The LC-525 provides the ultimate stretch of your entire back, and effectively supports your total body weight.


Pride Mobility Saddle Bag

This saddle bag is 12.5" x 9.875" and can be mounted on either the right or left arm of your Pride scooter.


Pride Mobility Urbana Viva Lift Power Recliner PLR-965M

Urbana Viva Lift recliner comes with power headrest and USB remote to ensure a great chair.


Pride Mobility Elegance Viva Lift Power Recliner PLR-975M

Pride Elegance Power Recliner has Infinite lay rest and can be bought with mushroom or walnut fabric.


Pride Mobility XLR USB Charger

The XLR USB Charger by Pride Mobility is an innovative accessory add-on for scooters and power wheelchairs. The XLR allows users to charge most iPhone and Android devices.


Pride Mobility Go-Go Ultra X 4 Wheel Scooter

The Go-Go Ultra X delivers the performance you expect from the first name in travel mobility, making it the ultimate travel scooter value.


Pride Mobility Essential Collection Power Lift Recliner LC-105

A 3-position lift chair that delivers superb value and excellent comfort.


Pride Mobility Go-Go LX 4 Wheel CTS Scooter

The Go-Go® LX with CTS Suspension(Comfort-Trac Suspension) brings a new level of performance, features and value to travel mobility.


Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 3 Wheel Scooter

The Go-Go® Sport delivers high-performance operation and easy disassembly for convenience on-the-go.


Pride Mobility Heritage Collection Power Lift Recliner LC-558

LC-558 Comfort and style complement one another perfectly in the Heritage Collection from Pride Power Lift Recliners.


Pride Go-Go Scooter Cup Holder

Pride Go-Go Scooter Cup Holder


Pride Mobility Go-Go Ultra X 3 Wheel Scooter

The Go-Go® Ultra X is loaded with design features like an innovative locking mechanism that allows one-handed frame disassembly and a convenient drop-in battery box that makes transport and travel worry free.


Pride Mobility Go-Go LX 3 Wheel CTS Scooter

Featuring CTS independent front and rear suspension, sleek style, feather-touch disassembly and standard lighting, the Go-Go LX with CTS Suspension is the most advanced travel product available.


Pride Mobility Protective Pad

Protective Pad Protects your chair from spills and incontinence. The surface is a sand colored microsuede and the bottom has a vinyl backing to prevent it from slipping.


Pride Mobility 3 Wheel Victory 10 Scooter

With a full complement of advanced standard features like exclusive low-profile tires, a backlit battery gauge, and a wraparound delta tiller, the Victory 10 is a greater value than ever before.


Pride Mobility Cleaning Kit

This kit can be used with any lift chair fabric (excluding vinyl/leather) in order to remove almost any stain or odor.


Rear Basket for Pride Scooters

Rear basket 1010 can be used on most Pride scooters to store items on any trip.


Pride Mobility Revo 2.0 Three Wheel Scooter

3 wheel revo 2.0 scooter by pride


Pride Mobility Heritage Collection Power Lift Recliner LC-358

Comfort and style complement one another perfectly in the Heritage Collection from Pride Lift Chairs.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Victory 10 Scooter

The sleek, sporty Victory® 10 mobility scooter delivers high performance operation, all-new features and feather-touch disassembly.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Go-Go Elite Traveler Scooter

Take the guesswork out of travel with ultra-simple assembly and disassembly and impressive performance.


No Skid Leg Leveler for Pride Senior Assistance Lift Chairs

Non-skid leg levelers keep your Pride lift chair from sliding on a vast array of flooring.


Pride Mobility Classic Collection Power Lift Recliner LC-250

The Classic Collection from Pride® Lift Chairs delivers superb value and excellent comfort with features like an innovative arm design and overstuffed fiber-filled backs.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Victory Sport Scooter

The stylish, high-performing Victory® Sport Scooter features innovative design and a full complement of unique standard features.


Pride Mobility Maxima 3 Wheel Scooter

The Maxima Scooter features an upgraded electronics package to deliver heavy-duty performance at an exceptional value.


Pride Mobility Maxima 4-Wheel Scooter

Engineered with the bariatric market in mind, the Maxima features a weight capacity of 500 lbs., deep, comfortable seating and an ergonomically enhanced design.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Pursuit Scooter

The Pursuit® features a powerful drivetrain and large 13” wheels to handle rugged outdoor terrain.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Pursuit XL Scooter

The Pursuit® XL is an exciting blend of power and precision that features full suspension, low-profile tires and a hydraulic-sealed brake system


Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter

Ready for transport and easily folded, the 4-wheel Go-Go® Folding Scooter is perfect for the ultimate active lifestyle.


Pride Mobility Go-Go ES 2 Scooter

The new Go-Go® ES 2 from Pride® brings exceptional value and easy transportation together in a compact, lightweight package.


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Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 4 Wheel Scooter

The Go-Go® Sport delivers high- performance operation and easy disassembly for convenience on-the-go.


Pride Mobility 18AH Battery Pack

Go the extra mile - with this additional 18AH battery pack for your Go-Go.


Pride Review Mirror for Delta-Style Tiller

Pride Review Mirror for scooters


Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Pack

Pride Mobility lithium battery pack provides longer life between charges and more compact.


was $511.10

Pride Mobility 3 Wheel Go-Go Elite Traveler Plus Scooter

The Go-Go Elite 3 wheel Traveller Plus offers style and performance for your on-the-go lifestyle including easy transport and storage with a long range of use.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Go-Go Elite Traveler Plus Scooter

The Go Go Traveller Plus 4 wheel has easy assembly with the comfort of 4 wheels and driving range of up to 8 miles a charge to make this a top compact scooter.


Pride Mobility Oasis Lift Chair LC-580i

Pride Oasis Lift Chair provides overstuffed padding provides elegant comfort and design, while contoured seating and pocketed coils deliver individualized support and relaxation.


Pride Rear Basket Assembly for Jazzy Power Seat w/ Comfort Seat

Rear Basket Assembly with Mounting Bracket for Jazzy Power Chairs with the Comfort Seat.


Pride Mobility Home Decor Collection NM-435 Power Lift Recliner

The NM-435 3-Position lift chair by Pride Mobility is a comfortable yet stylish chair that will give you an extra boost when needed.


Pride Mobility Home Decor Collection NM-415 Power Lift Recliner

NM-415 3-Position, Chaise Lounger is ideal for relaxing and also sturdy enough to work for many years.


Pride Mobility Additional Front Basket (Model Specific)

Front basket for Model Specific Pride Scooters


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Victory 10 LX Scooter

Victory 10 LX is top of the line victory scooter from Pride mobility with CTS suspension up to 5.6 mph.


Pride Go-Go Scooter Weather Cover (Micro)

Pride’s Micro Go-Go Scooter Weather Cover protects your scooter from the elements while being transported by a vehicle lift, or if your scooter is parked outdoors.


Pride Oxygen Tank Holder

Pride mobility oxygen tank holder fits on back of pride scooters for travel convenience


Pride Mobility Large Scooter Weather Cover

Large scooter cover dimensions 84"L X 49"H keeps larger pride scooters clean and dry.


Pride Mobility Medium Scooter Weather Cover

Pride medium scooter cover. Dimensions: 75.75"L X 46.5"H. Fits most Pride Victory scooters.


Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Assembly Kit

Charger and cord for Lithium Battery Pack for the Fold n Go Scooter


Go-Chair Power Wheelchair by Pride Mobility

The all-new Go-Chair is re-engineered from the ground up, offering enhanced performance and comfort, along with feather-touch disassembly, allows you to enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go.


Raptor 3 Wheel Scooter by Pride Mobility

Pride Raptor, With speeds up to 14 mph and a 400 lb. weight capacity, it’s the perfect scooter for anyone and everyone.


Armrest for the Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter

Armrest for the Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter


Pride Mobility Jazzy Zero Turn 4 Wheel Scooter

Jazzy Zero Turn gives you a 4-wheel scooter with a 3-wheel turning radius Pride’s exclusive patent-pending, Zero Turn technology. This scooter has a smooth and comfortable ride.


Pride Mobility Perfecta Viva Lift Power Recliner PLR-945M

The Perfecta features a traditional button back style for the lower back, but also has a split seam headrest pillow.


Pride Mobility Metro Viva Lift Power Recliner PLR-925M

Pride Metro power recliner has a spring loaded ottoman and comes with standard footrest extension. This chair has a split back, backrest for added comfort.


Pride Mobility Grandeur Power Lift Recliner LC-515i

The Grandeur brings a luxury styling and comfort to the infinite position pride lift chair.


Pride Mobility Revo 2.0 Four Wheel Scooter

The Revo 2.0 four wheel offers rugged dependability you expect from luxury mid-size scooters. Comfort-Trac Suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride over varied terrain.


Pride Mobility Essential Collection L-158 Power Lift Recliner

L158 Pride Mobility Lift Chair is a 3 position chair that has premium frame for added strength and easy to use control for the patient.


Pride Mobility Revo Scooter Cup Holder

Pride Mobility Revo Cup Holder


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Victory 9.2 Scooter

The Victory 9.2 4-Wheel scooter offers a perfect balance of style, comfort and performance for your active lifestyle.


Pride Mobility 3 Wheel Victory 9.2 Scooter

The Victory 9.2 3-wheel features one-hand feather-touch disassembly, wraparound delta tiller, 300 lb. weight capacity.


Pride Mobility 4 Wheel Victory 10.2 Scooter

Pride has re-designed the Victory 10 to accentuate its already great style with some new features to enhance its performance.


Pride Mobility 3 Wheel Victory 10.2 Scooter

3 Wheel Victory 10.2 features include feather touch disassembly, wraparound delta tiller, 10” solid tires and a front basket.