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Pride Mobility Accessories

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Pride Mobility 18AH Battery Pack

PG#: 000036vBATASMB1029     By: Pride Mobility

Go the extra mile - with this additional 18AH battery pack for your Go-Go.



    Pride Safety Flag

    PG#: 000036vACCFLAG1000     By: Pride Mobility





      Pride Mobility Protective Pad

      PG#: 000036vACCASMB2514     By: Pride Mobility

      Protective Pad Protects your chair from spills and incontinence. The surface is a sand colored microsuede and the bottom has a vinyl backing to prevent it from slipping.



        Pride Mobility 17 AMP Battery Box

        PG#: 000036vBATASMB1045

        You can use this battery pack as a replacement for a missing or damaged battery box, or you can use this as a pre-charged backup power source.



          Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Pack

          PG#: 000036vBAT150066     By: Pride Mobility

          Pride Mobility lithium battery pack provides longer life between charges and more compact.

            was $511.10


            Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Charger

            PG#: 000036vELE150030

            The lithium battery pack charger fits with the go go folding scooter. Lithium has a longer battery life then acid batteries helping make your scooter work longer.

              was $211.10


              Pride Rear Basket Assembly for Jazzy Power Seat w/ Comfort Seat

              PG#: 000036vACCASMB2537     By: Pride Mobility

              Rear Basket Assembly with Mounting Bracket for Jazzy Power Chairs with the Comfort Seat.



                Pride Go-Go Scooter Cup Holder

                PG#: 000036vACCASMB2288     By: Pride Mobility

                Pride Go-Go Scooter Cup Holder



                  Pride Mobility Additional Front Basket (Model Specific)

                  PG#: 000036vFRMASMB13758     By: Pride Mobility

                  Front basket for Model Specific Pride Scooters



                    Pride Mobility Saddle Bag

                    PG#: 000036vDWR1020D010     By: Pride Mobility

                    This saddle bag is 12.5" x 9.875" and can be mounted on either the right or left arm of your Pride scooter.



                      Rear Basket for Pride Scooters

                      PG#: 000036vACCBSKT1010     By: Pride Mobility

                      Rear basket 1010 can be used on most Pride scooters to store items on any trip.



                        Pride Go-Go Scooter Weather Cover (Micro)

                        PG#: 000036vACCCOVR1020     By: Pride Mobility

                        Pride’s Micro Go-Go Scooter Weather Cover protects your scooter from the elements while being transported by a vehicle lift, or if your scooter is parked outdoors.



                          Pride Oxygen Tank Holder

                          PG#: 000036vACCASMB1017     By: Pride Mobility

                          Pride mobility oxygen tank holder fits on back of pride scooters for travel convenience



                            Pride Mobility Large Scooter Weather Cover

                            PG#: 000036vACCCOVR1018     By: Pride Mobility

                            Large scooter cover dimensions 84"L X 49"H keeps larger pride scooters clean and dry.

                            • Size: Large



                            Pride Mobility Medium Scooter Weather Cover

                            PG#: 000036vACCCOVR1019     By: Pride Mobility

                            Pride medium scooter cover. Dimensions: 75.75"L X 46.5"H. Fits most Pride Victory scooters.



                              Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Assembly Kit

                              PG#: 000036vELE1610376     By: Pride Mobility

                              Charger and cord for Lithium Battery Pack for the Fold n Go Scooter



                                Pride Mobility XLR USB Charger

                                PG#: 000036vACC1704791     By: Pride Mobility

                                The XLR USB Charger by Pride Mobility is an innovative accessory add-on for scooters and power wheelchairs. The XLR allows users to charge most iPhone and Android devices.



                                  Armrest for the Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter

                                  PG#: 000036varm150059     By: Pride Mobility

                                  Armrest for the Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter


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