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Prevail Chux and Underpads

Freeship Prevail Chux and Underpads offer easy incontinence protection for mattresses, furniture and more.

Prevail High Performance Overnight Disposable Underpads

PG#: 00005v41803100     By: Prevail

This non-skidding pad can cover and protect a variety of surfaces. Doubly thick absorbent layer. (23 x 36 inches, Case of 72)

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Prevail® Super Absorbent Underpads

PG#: 00001vFQPV410     By: Prevail

These super absorbent underpads provide superb protection for you home. 30


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Prevail Regular Dri-Bed Underpads

PG#: 00001vFQUP150     By: Prevail

These special bed pads are made by linen and polypropylene, which makes it an anti-irritating product. (23 x 36 inches)

was $15.99

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