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The Prevail brand offers quality products designed to help people with bladder and/or bowel leakage live better and feel more confident day after day. The Prevail brand has become one of the most respected brands for the management of incontinence. Prevail diapers, briefs, underpads and wipes are preferred by many caregivers and their patients due to the excellent performance and superior comfort they offer. Read More

Prevail Briefs and Underwear

Prevail briefs and underwear have the protection the user needs with the comfort...

Prevail Chux and Underpads

Prevail brand incontinence underpads.

Prevail for Men

The Prevail line of adult incontinence products makes it easy to get just the ri...

Prevail For Women

Prevail for women gives women the comfort with the reliability of protection in ...

Prevail Wipes and Washcloths

Wipes and washcloths give more complete cleaning with fewer washcloths. Great fo...

Putting Quality First

First Quality is a family-owned company. Established in 1989, the company relies upon continuous improvement, quality products and American manufacturing to delivered millions of units of incontinence products to institutional healthcare facilities across the country. The Prevail brand and product catalog, now available direct to consumers, represents the very best of this 27-year journey of innovative development.

First Quality today is vertically integrated to manage cost, quality and customer service, and is an environmental manufacturing leader: 99 percent of raw materials and packaging are utilized in the manufacturing process and less than 1 percent of manufacturing waste goes to the landfill. First Quality operates multiple manufacturing sites (all in the United States) to ensure constant supply. First Quality manufactures critical raw materials and is fully automated to deliver consistent quality at scale.

First Quality is proud to say that all Prevail products are engineered and assembled in their very own dedicated manufacturing plants in the U.S. The First Quality group of companies has over 4,000 team members supporting the production and delivery of high-quality products. First Quality's laser focus on quality has helped it become a leading Incontinence product manufacturer in the U.S.

Some of the innovative features of the Prevail line of products includes:

  • Skin Smart fabric, a breakthrough material impregnated at the fiber level with vitamin E, aloe and chamomile, a potent mix of natural elements known for protecting, soothing and promoting healthy skin. These materials can help make a significant step toward improving overall skin wellness.
  • Prevail Odor Guard Technology, which is combined with a super absorbent polymer for dual protection. This technology is proven to reduce the total amount of odor-causing ammonia formed during and after use.
  • 360 MaxSoft Technology, which is achieved through the proprietary QUICK WICK layer that provides advanced softness with fast void acquisition speed to deliver optimal product performance. These small details can improve skin health by keeping skin drier and reducing leakage in a way that feels soothingly soft to the skin.
  • Easy-Lock Fasteners (ELF) that can be attached and reattached to any part of the outer fabric.
  • A customized Advanced Zoning System (AZS) that provides superior product performance.
  • Bonded construction that resists tearing and clumping to provide dry, comfortable protection.
  • An easy-to-see wetness indicator that changes color when a brief is wet.
  • Multi-strand leg elastic that ensures a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Ventilated panels help maintain dry, comfortable skin and resist over-heating.
  • Fecal Containment zone is a scientifically designed target area that locks up loose stool for improved containment and healthier skin.

Prevail washcloths and wipes are consistently one of the most popular disposable washcloths we carry at Parentgiving. Other popular products include Prevail underpads and chux as well as the brand's gender-specific incontinence products for men and women. Prevail adult diapers and Prevail briefs continue to grow in popularity at Parentgiving and are fast rising up our best-sellers lists and Parentgiving Picks. With continued growth and awareness, we feel strongly that Prevail incontinence products will one day be as popular TENA or Depend products. With Prevail, incontinence is easier to manage on a day-to-day basis. That's something that caregivers and patients alike can truly appreciate.