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Respiratory Nebulizers & Devices

Nebulizers and Portable Devices help with lung care and breathing techniques to help with your care to get the care you deserve. These items make sure you have the correct equipment to deliver the correct respiratory need with many items to choose from. Top brands, low prices!.
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SoClean Device Disinfector

PG#: 00005v1171701_EA
By: SoClean

SoClean Device Disinfector uses advanced ozone technology to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on your smartphone and other high-touch items in minutes.


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SoClean Air Purifier

PG#: 00005v1171702_EA
By: SoClean

Designed for individual rooms and personal spaces, the SoClean Air Purifier produces cleanroom-quality air. The SoClean Air Purifier eliminates up to 99.99999% of allergens, viruses, bacteria, and dust before you breathe them in.


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McKesson Nose Clip Foam

PG#: 00005v1088134_BG
By: Mckesson Brand

Nose Clip McKesson Foam, Disposable, Blue Plastic For Spirometer

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Nebulizer Carry Bag

PG#: 00006v18031
By: Drive

Nebulizer carrying bag with easy transportation.


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Choosing The Best Portable Nebulizers

A nebulizer system is a medication delivery device that turns medicine into a fine mist you inhale, enabling it to reach your lungs with greater efficiency. The use of a home nebulizer is prescribed by a doctor who will detail how to use it and how often. It can be an integral part of therapy for conditions ranging from asthma to COPD.

Home nebulizer units run on electrical power. Portable nebulizers for adults also run on batteries and give you the flexibility of having a more active lifestyle, without being home bound. Some travel nebulizers are small enough to fit in a purse, tote or backpack and go anywhere with you.

Ask your doctor if a specific home nebulizer system is needed for the type of medication you’ll be taking. Traditional nebulizers work with an air compressor, but there are also ultrasonic nebulizers. Some drugs work with only one system.

Keep in mind that the nebulizer itself is one part of the system; it’s the piece that the medication is dispersed through. It can either be reusable—you’ll wash it according to manufacturer’s care instructions—or disposable. Your unit may come with more than one to start you off, as well as replacement filters, another part that can be replaceable.

When evaluating home or portable nebulizers, look at the system’s treatment time—some require only 10 minutes to deliver the medication. If you’ll be using a portable nebulizer frequently, check for the battery life and battery recharge time; some can operate with an AC adapter that plugs into your car.