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Disposable Chux and Underpads

Underpads (or Chux/Chucks) are an important fail safe to ensure less leaks and less laundering when managing a loved one with limited mobility and incontinence.

We often see disposable underpads used on top of the sheets in bed, on recliners and sofas, and used in auto seats as well. Disposable underpads are a flexible and practical solution in providing a void barrier of last resort. Used in conjunction with premium overnight adult diapers or underwear, underpads) can provide an extra layer of security against nighttime leaks in bed clothes and the subsequent excessive laundering that follows. Sizes and cost will vary (larger sizes covering more area contain more material and are more expensive) while smaller underpads can also be very effective on a wheelchair, auto, sofa or chair when there's heavy daytime incontinence. Reusable Underpads are another option and can be found here.

Advantages of Disposable Underpads:

  1. Easy clean up and convenience for home caregivers – like all disposable incontinence products, these are designed for maximum function and maximum convenience.
  2. If not soiled, disposable underpads can be used repeatedly.
  3. Disposable underpads have gotten stronger and thicker, and some can be used to reposition a caree while in bed.

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