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Incontinence Pads (to be used inside of form-fitting underwear)

For light incontinence, specially designed pads offer discreet leakage absorption and can be worn within your own everyday underwear.

Incontinence pads are specially designed pads that offer discreet leakage absorption and are worn inside of a person’s form fitting underwear. Incontinence pads (while gender neutral) are primarily designed for women, and are typically a transitional product (away from menstrual products) for those women seeking a more appropriate personal care product specifically designed for incontinence.

Incontinence Pads are the beefier cousins of bladder control pads and are designed to address the most common forms of urinary incontinence affecting women: Stress Incontinence (bladder leaks due to laughing, sneezing, exercise) and Urge Incontinence (a strong need to urinate but cannot get to the bathroom in time).

Because Incontinence Pads are essentially an absorption pad that fits within normal underwear, the cost per piece and cost per usage is typically CHEAPER than Incontinence Underwear. In some cases, the cost savings is over 40% less on a per piece basis. As incontinence pads are engineered for more absorption, the most popular type of Incontinence Pads are overnight and/or ultimate absorption incontinence pads. Because of their size and shape, there is a limit to the amount of void any incontinence pad can provide – but on a cost basis, these emerging super absorbent incontinence pads are ideal for women (or men) looking for entry level incontinence products – particularly for nighttime protection. These super absorbent and nighttime incontinence pads WILL NOT TYPICALLY BE FOUND at retail (pharmacy, mass merchant, grocery store.)

Choose Incontinence Pads if:

  • You are new to using incontinence products
  • You still prefer to wear your panties / bikini underwear (a form fitting undergarment is required to use an incontinence pad)
  • You aren’t quite ready for incontinence briefs or underwear
  • You are capable of inserting and removing an incontinence pad within your normal underwear
  • You prefer the cost savings of incontinence pads vs incontinence underwear

  • Top Pick - Dry Direct Overnight Bladder Control Pads
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  • Top Pick - TENA Intimates Heavy Absorbency Overnight Pad
  • Cases starting at:
  • TENA Intimates Heavy Absorbency Overnight Pad
    • For Women
  • Tena Intimates Overnight Pad Bladder Control protection is uniquely shaped so it is wider at the back and front to protect better when you are lying down. Advanced absorption technology and a cottony-soft top sheet keep you dry and comfortable while you sleep.
  • Top Pick - Poise Overnight Wider Back Incontinence Pads Ultimate Absorbency
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - Poise Pads Ultimate Coverage
  • Cases starting at: