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Parentgiving Picks

Top 4 Value Tape-On Briefs

Tape-on style briefs are the incontinence product type of choice for many professional caregivers who perform frequent changes and who demand an easy-on and easy-off product. This style is also relevant for loved ones in Assisted Living, where changes are frequent and where it is imperative to keep costs down.

Adjustable tabs allow caregivers to secure the product as needed and make for easy removal. Some people prefer tape-on briefs because they can better adjust the fit to their own measurements. This customization reduces gapping and sagging for secure comfort and better leakage control. Look for oversized, front-closing adhesive tabs and stretchy side panels for added comfort. Leg elastics enhance both the fit and the leakage protection, and a cloth-like outer cover creates a more discreet product. Some tab style briefs have an extremely high capacity for better protection and fewer changes, plus a color indicator to help caregivers know when a change is needed. These are our new and updated Parentgiving Picks for best value tape-on briefs:
  • Top Pick - TENA Stretch Super Briefs
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  • TENA Stretch Super Briefs
    (For both Men and Women)
  • TENA Stretch Super Absorbency provides maximum bladder and/or bowel protection for nighttime or extended wear. The unique feature combination of Stretch Sides with full-length hook fasteners provides secure, stay in place fit.
  • Top Pick - FitRight Extra Briefs
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  • FitRight Extra Briefs
  • FitRight® Extra brief promotes a discreet, comfortable, garment like-fit to enhance patient dignity, mobility and independence.
  • Top Pick - Molicare Premium Slip Super Plus Brief
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  • Top Pick - Prevail Per-Fit Adult Briefs
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  • Prevail Per-Fit Adult Briefs
    (For both Men and Women)
  • This resealable brief has tape straps in the front for easy fastening and refastening. The outer covering is soft and cloth-like which is more comfortable and quieter than plastic. Easy-Lock Fasteners (ELF) can be attached and reattached to any part of the outer fabric. Customized Advanced Zoning System (AZS ®) provides superior product performance.