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Top 5 Booster Pads

The right booster pad will increase the capacity of your primary incontinence brief or pull-up.
A booster pad adds a layer of protection and security, usually with a super-absorbent core for dryness and odor control topped by a soft covering for comfort. It's often possible to match up different brands, but always make sure to read the description so that you choose the one that will work best when placed between the leg cuffs of your brief or diaper. Also check on the degree of protection—some are for light to moderate incontinence, while others can handle a heavier condition and can even be layered for added absorption.
  • Top Pick - Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pad
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  • Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pad

  • The Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pad features a Flow-Through design and super absorbent liner.Topliner Booster Pads are designed as flow-through pads that fill to capacity then pass additional fluid to the primary undergarment economically extending the use of any disposable undergarment.
  • Top Pick - Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad
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  • Top Pick - Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads (High Capacity)
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  • Top Pick - Dignity Double Duty Pads
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  • Dignity Double Duty Pads
    (For both Men and Women)

  • Barrier-free, double pad without adhesive tape strip. Made with a superabsorbent fluff polymer for dryness and odor control, covered by a soft, nonwoven covering. This is Dignity's heaviest, most absorbent pad, ideal for use in Dignity garments or as additional protection in other moisture proof garments.
  • Top Pick - Medline Double-up Booster Pad
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  • Medline Double-up Booster Pad
    (For both Men and Women)

  • This liner features an ultra-thin design and adds protection to disposable briefs and undergarments for moderate to heavy incontinence protection. Highly absorbent, this pad also features an adhesive strip to hold the liner in place securely.