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Booster Pads

What is a booster pad and how does it work?
A booster pad is used in conjunction with a diaper / brief / absorbent underwear to provide additional absorption capacity. Booster pads have no impermeable backing and allow a void to flow through and into the incontinence product. Due to its flow-through design, a booster pad should NEVER be used alone and should always be used with a diaper or brief. The right booster pad will increase the absorption capacity of your primary incontinence brief or pull-up by up to 12 ozs. Booster pads can also be applied directly to, or wrapped around the penis for male users who tend to leak. The most typical application for a booster pad is for nighttime use in preventing or minimizing leaks. It is very common to use a high capacity booster pad with a value-oriented brief for nighttime use – especially in assisted living facilities. Always make sure to read the description so that you choose the booster pad that will work best when placed between the leg cuffs of your brief or diaper. Also check on the degree of protection—some are for light to moderate incontinence, while others can handle a heavier condition and can even be layered for added absorption. The following are our Parentgiving Picks for booster pads:
  • Top Pick - Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pad
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  • Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pad
  • The Tranquility Topliner Super Booster Pad features a Flow-Through design and super absorbent liner.Topliner Booster Pads are designed as flow-through pads that fill to capacity then pass additional fluid to the primary undergarment economically extending the use of any disposable undergarment.
  • Top Pick - Seni Booster Pad
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  • Seni Booster Pad
  • These anatomically shaped inserts are perfect as a booster to be put into other absorbent products in order to extend their use and are a practical solution for people with urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Top Pick - Select® Booster Pad 12
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  • Select® Booster Pad 12" L
    (For both Men and Women)
  • This soft, flow-through pad increases the capacity of any disposable brief or undergarment. The fluff core has adhesive strips that hold the pad securely in place, keeping the skin drier, healthier and more comfortable.