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Top 3 Incontinence Underwear for Men

Designed for a man's anatomy to best contain fluid, these incontinence underwear styles boost self-confidence along with discreet protection.
Protection underwear for men is anatomically designed for a close and comfortable fit. Highly absorbent material with anti-odor agents is concentrated where it's needed most. Styles feature a secure waistband and soft, stretchable fabric. Different levels of absorbency answer light to heavy protection needs, but overnight products fall short of true overnight incontinence products. Our top picks for incontinence underwear for Men are:
  • Top Pick - TENA® for Men Protective Underwear
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  • TENA® for Men Protective Underwear
    (For Men)
  • TENA MEN Heavy Protection Underwear are anatomically designed for men with moderate to heavy bladder weakness. Specifically designed for the needs of Men, for a body-close, comfortable fit The efficient, highly absorbent target zone with micro beads ensures protection where it’s needed most, while Advanced Odor Protection technology fights odors.
  • Top Pick - Real Fit Briefs for Men by Depend
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  • Real Fit Briefs for Men by Depend
    (For Men)
  • Real Fit Briefs by Depend are revolutionary new incontinence briefs that looks, fit, and feel like real underwear! Cloth-like fabric makes for underwear-like comfort. Finished, masculine elastic waistband and all-around leg elastics.
  • Top Pick - Prevail Underwear for Men
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  • Prevail Underwear for Men
    (For Men)
  • Prevail Underwear For Men have a super absorbent core. They are extremely comfortable and provide maximum absorbency for day and night.