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Best Overbed Tables

An Overbed Table is a terrific convenience for persons, who by preference or by necessity, spend long amounts of time in bed.
These tables provide more support, stability and surface room than a bed tray and can be adjusted to accommodate the height of your bed’s box spring / base platform with a base that slides under your bed. Some usability features to consider are 1. A Flat Overbed Table is great for playing cards, eating, storage or writing while a 2. Tilt top Overbed table is great to angle reading materials and or mobile phones or tablets. Consider the size and usability of the table vs. room size and bed dimensions before purchasing. Some of our best selling and highest rated Overbed tables are highlighted here.
  • Top Pick - Assist-A-Tray by Stander
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  • Assist-A-Tray by Stander
  • The Assist-A-Tray is an easy stand-assist safety handle and swivel tray. This new, patented invention features an ergonomic grip handle that provides support in and out of a couch, chair, or recliner.
  • Top Pick - Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
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  • Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
  • The Auto-Touch Overbed Table from Invacare is a practical, easy-to-use unit suitable for both homes and institutions. The height of the table easily adjusts for comfort while reading, writing or eating, and features an attractive walnut wood-grained laminate top with a T-molded edge that is designed to resist damage.
  • Top Pick - Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table - Large, Roomy Surface
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  • Top Pick - Overbed Table by Carex
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  • Overbed Table by Carex
  • Convenient flat surface makes it easier for people to eat, write letters or do projects while in bed, or in a chair. Table easily adjusts for r/l hand use & height variation. "c" style base allows for easier & closer access from a chair.