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Parentgiving Picks

Incontinence - Pads & Guards

  •   Booster Pads
  • A booster pad is used in conjunction with a diaper / brief / absorbent underwear to provide additional absorption capacity. Booster pads have no impermeable backing and allow a void to... Read More

  •   Incontinence Pads or Bladder Control Pads for Women
  • Incontinence Pads (aka Bladder Control Pads) are designed to address the most common forms of urinary incontinence affecting women: Stress Incontinence (bladder leaks due to laughing, sneezing, exe... Read More

  •   Male Guards
  • For men who suffer from light or moderate bladder leakage, wearing an absorbent pad, called a male guard, within your own underwear or within special reusable incontinence underwear might answer yo... Read More