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Parentgiving Product Top Picks
Parentgiving Picks

Incontinence - Other

  •   Incontinence Accessories
  • Managing incontinence starts with adult briefs and pads. But there are other key products that make it easier to prevent leaks and protect skin. Consider these highly rated essentials to meet your car... Read More
  •   Chux and Underpads
  • We often see underpads used on top of the sheets in bed, on recliners and sofas, and used in auto seats as well. Underpads are a flexible and practical solution in providing a void barrier of last re... Read More
  •   Disposable Wipes and Washcloths
  • Cleansing wipes and disposable bathing cloths are essentials in any caregiver’s toolkit.

    Cleansing wipes tend to be more compact in size, and are used to clean perineal areas – these ... Read More