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Parentgiving Picks

Every Day Value Adult Diapers (Underwear / Pull-up Styles)

The cost of incontinence supplies can cut heavily into the monthly budget. A popular request froTm families and caregivers is for "value priced" briefs or underwear styles that reduce out-of-pocket expense AND that keep the user dry while still offering a bounty of features. Families buying for loved ones in assisted living facilities especially look for an upgrade from institutional incontinence products that are otherwise offered by the facility. We set the threshold for "value" at under $1 per diaper (at a usage rate of 4 to 6 diapers per day, the out-of-pocket differential between "good" value adult diapers and the most expensive Drugstore/Massmart diaper can be over $150/month). Keep in mind that it's important to balance price with absorbency, fit, activity level, comfort and style choices, such as pull-up vs. brief. With severe and overnight incontinence, or bowel incontinence, top-rated absorbent diapers are a better option.

The following are our latest Parentgiving Picks for Every Day Value Diapers (brief or underwear):

  • Top Pick - Dry Direct Super Overnight Underwear
  • Cases starting at:
  • Dry Direct Super Overnight Underwear
    • This adult garment PULLS UP
  • Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear Maxi combines the comfort and wearability of a pair of underpants with the Ultimate absorbency of a tape on brief, and are designed to fully support your lifestyle, no matter how active.
  • Top Pick - Tranquility Premium Daytime Disposable Underwear
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - TENA Super Overnight Heavy Absorbency Underwear
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - Medline FitRight Ultra Protective Underwear
  • Cases starting at: