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Most Popular Every Day Value Diapers

The cost of incontinence can cut into your quality of life. A popular request from customers is for "value priced" diapers — those reducing out-of-pocket expense AND keeping the user dry while still offering a bounty of features. We set the threshold for "value" at under $1 per diaper (at a usage rate of 4 diapers per day, the out-of-pocket differential between a "good" value diaper and the most expensive Drugstore/Massmart diaper can be over $100/month). The cost of one of our highest rated choices is just 52 cents per when you buy in bulk. But keep in mind that it's important to balance price with absorbency, fit, activity level, comfort and style choices, such as pull-up vs. brief. With severe and overnight incontinence, the top-rated absorbent diapers might be a better value because you won't have to change them as often.
  • Top Pick - Sure Care Plus Protective Underwear
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  • Sure Care Plus Protective Underwear
    (For both Men and Women)

  • This unisex, disposable undergarment looks and feels like regular underwear. It can be pulled on like regular underwear and can be quickly removed by tearing the sides.
  • Top Pick - Medline FitRight Ultra Protective Underwear
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - Prevail Per-Fit Adult Briefs
  • Cases starting at:
  • Prevail Per-Fit Adult Briefs
    (For both Men and Women)

  • This resealable brief has tape straps in the front for easy fastening and refastening. The outer covering is soft and cloth-like which is more comfortable and quieter than plastic. Easy-Lock Fasteners (ELF) can be attached and reattached to any part of the outer fabric.
  • Top Pick - Attends Discreet Overnight Protective Underwear
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  • Attends Discreet Overnight Protective Underwear

  • Attends Underwear are an everyday, unisex choice that offer individuals moderate to heavy protection with a high degree of mobility and freedom. Pulled up or down just like underwear they feature a comfortable stretch waistband and tear-away sides for easy removal.