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Bladder Control Pads for Women

We often welcome customers who are new to the use of incontinence products, or who have reached a stage where the occasional incontinence bout is becoming more frequent. The majority of these are women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, who have gone thru the child birthing process and who are transitioning from female personal care products to incontinence products. Personal care products are designed to absorb thicker menstrual flow while incontinence products are designed to absorb urine – which is a very big difference in construction, application and cost.

Bladder Control Pads are ideal for occasional incontinence, and can include light incontinence due to unexpected sneeze / laughing / exertion urination and with increasing levels of absorbency, many bladder control pads are designed to absorb more voids and to work overnight. Overnight Bladder Control Pads are a very popular category and one of the fastest growing. We strongly encourage our new to incontinence customers to FIRST try pads / guards – these products fit inside of underwear, are less invasive, and are much more cost effective. Our best selling and highest rated Bladder Control Pads are here.

  • Top Pick - Poise Overnight Wider Back Incontinence Pads Ultimate Absorbency
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  • Top Pick - Dry Direct Overnight Bladder Control Pads
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  • Top Pick - TENA Intimates Heavy Absorbency Overnight Pad
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - Poise Ultimate Absorbency Overnight Incontinence Pads Long Length
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