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Parentgiving Picks

Best Phone Technology for Seniors

Adaptive phone technology for the elderly keeps evolving with various combinations of hearing amplification, large type / low vision, picture enabled phones (for those with dementia), and the latest and most popular entrant to the field: caption enabled phones which scribe audio messages into text on the phone display. These CapTel phones require 1) a high-speed internet connection and 2) a home phone connection (analog, VoIP, FIOS, DSL or cable - cannot be cellular service) – and as this new technology is regulated by the FCC – it takes a few weeks from order to receipt in order to clear regulatory checks. Despite the 2 – 3 week regulatory lead-time, the response to and reviews of CapTel phones has been enthusiastic, with the most ardent reviewers describing restored levels of communication with elderly loved ones. Here are our PG Picks for the Best Phone Technology for Seniors.

  • Top Pick - Clarity Trimstyle Amplified Telephone
  • Price:
  • Top Pick - CapTel 2400iBT Captioned Phone
  • Price:
  • Top Pick - Clarity-P300 Amplified Photo Phone
  • Price:
  • Clarity-P300 Amplified Photo Phone
  • Out best selling phone! Designed for seniors, this popular photo phone by Clarity makes dialing easy; simply touch the photo-button (speed dial button) of the person you want to call.