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Male Guards

For light incontinence, specially designed incontinence pads (male guards) offer discreet leakage absorption and can be worn within your own everyday underwear.

Male guards are incontinence pads engineered for the male anatomy that are worn inside of jockey style underwear or boxer briefs. These guards rely on the support of form fitting underwear to hold the piece in place.

Because Male Guards are essentially an absorption pad that fits within normal underwear, the cost per piece and cost per usage is MUCH CHEAPER than Incontinence Underwear for Men. In some cases, the cost savings is over 40% less on a per piece basis. Male Guards are not ideal for those with heavy incontinence or for overnight incontinence, but for those men needing light protection, these are a great option.

Choose Male Guards over Incontinence Underwear for Men if:

  • You are new to incontinence or need occasional leak protection
  • Lowest possible cost is important
  • You wear form fitting underwear (jockey style or boxer briefs) that can support a male guard
  • You can insert and remove a male guard within your normal underwear as needed

  • Top Pick - Depend Guards For Men
  • Cases starting at:
  • Depend Guards For Men
    (For Men)
  • These guards are for light to moderate loss of bladder control. The blue layer helps the product quickly absorb fluid, while the breathable outer cover and soft liner lend greater comfort. It also features a contoured design - the front end is wider for a better fit.
  • Top Pick - TENA for Men Protective Guards (Pads)
  • Cases starting at:
  • TENA for Men Protective Guards (Pads)
    (For Men)
  • Specifically designed for the Moderate bladder leakage needs of men. (Level 2) All-day comfort, dryness and security that is specifically designed for the light bladder leakage needs of men.
  • Top Pick - Prevail Male Incontinence Guards
  • Cases starting at:
  • Top Pick - Tranquility Male Guard
  • Cases starting at:
  • Tranquility Male Guard
  • The Male Guard has a soft absorbent core that draws fluid into the product, reducing odor while protecting sensitive skin from rash and breakdown while the active side elastics form a cup shape and create a firm barrier against leakage.