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Male Guards

For light incontinence, specially designed incontinence pads (male guards) offer discreet leakage absorption and can be worn within your own everyday underwear.

For men who suffer from light or moderate bladder leakage, wearing an absorbent pad, called a male guard, within your own underwear or within special reusable incontinence underwear might answer your needs. These guards act much like an incontinence pad but are designed to accommodate a man's anatomy with a cup-like shape. A Male guard is typically wider in the front, taper off in the back and are held in place with an adhesive strip to affix to snug-fitting jockey underwear or boxer brief style underwear. Male guards generally cannot be used within standard loose-fitting boxer shorts.

Because they use less material, male guards tend to be more cost-effective on a per piece basis – and because of their shape, male guards tend to be less obtrusive in their application – a quick trip to the bathroom and a soiled male guard can be removed and replaced with a new one without much effort. Male guards work very well for light incontinence and occasional leaks – they do not work well for heavy incontinence of overnight incontinence. Our Parentgiving Picks for Male Guards are:

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