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Parentgiving Picks

Top Disposable Wipes and Washcloths

Disposable wipes and washcloths are a caregiver necessity for cleansing delicate skin that is prone to irritation.
Our Parentgiving Picks for Wipes and Washcloths are all pre-moistened and alcohol free. Disposable wipes are generally designed for use in the perineal area, while disposable washcloths are typically larger in size and can be used anywhere on the body, and are especially effective for bed-ridden patients. Flushable wipes are an emerging favorite of our customers and our best flushable wipes are actually dispersible – which means the wipe breaks down and disintegrates in the sanitation system (check with your municipality/city/local laws to see if flushable wipes are allowed for use). Our picks are highly rated and are generously sized from 8" x 7" to 8" x 12".
  • Top Pick - ReadyFlush X-Large Personal Wipes
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  • ReadyFlush X-Large Personal Wipes
  • ReadyFlush is three times larger and truly dispersible unlike other flushable wipes that don't break down. The high cellulosic content and bonders provide strength in use, but quickly break down in the toilet.
  • Top Pick - Tranquility® Disposable Cleansing Wipes
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  • Top Pick - Aloetouch Personal Cleansing Wipe Fragrance Free
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  • Top Pick - Prevail Disposable Washcloths
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  • Prevail Disposable Washcloths
  • Prevail Disposable Washcloths are adult wipes made from thick, non-woven fabric. These alcohol-free wipes contain aloe and lanolin to moisturize and soothe skin, and the pop-up dispenser makes them easy to use.
  • Top Pick - TENA® Classic Washcloths
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  • TENA® Classic Washcloths
  • These large, soft, alcohol free wipes come in a handy softpack dispenser. The special fibers are impregnated with a fluid designed to gently cleanse and moisturize the skin, while removing surface impurities.
  • Top Pick - Prevail Premium Quilted Washcloths with Aloe
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