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Best Chair Cushions

Chair Cushions (or Wheelchair Cushions) are a fast growing category as the aging population look to eliminate hard surface seating from their personal environs.
Manufacturers started making Wheelchair Cushions as complimentary product to hard surfaced wheelchairs and transport chairs – but Consumers quickly realized that these wheelchair cushions (with medical grade materials) could also be employed for kitchen chairs, dining chairs, benches, automobiles, etc, AND were better than anything found in department stores or Bed Bath Palooza. Seniors are especially affected with seating challenges for an ever increasing variety of causes: less activity / more seating, arthritis, sciatica, loss of glute muscle, and tender senior skin (inclusive of skin sores). We find that fans of these cushions buy multiple cushions and deploy them around the house. The following are the most popular chair cushions across a variety of sizes and pricepoints.

  • Top Pick - Medline 3 Inch Nylex Covered Gel Foam Chair Cushion
  • Price:
  • Top Pick - Gel Supreme Wheelchair Seat Cushion (3 inch)
  • Starting at:
  • Gel Supreme Wheelchair Seat Cushion (3 inch)
  • Premium wheelchair seat cushion offering excellent pressure distribution. Embedded in the core of the cushion is high quality Aqueous gel sealed in a leak-proof bladder encased in premium foam offering the utmost in comfort.