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Physical Therapy Equipment

Freeship Physical therapy equipment.

Budget Low Impact Exercise Peddler by Drive Medical

PG#: 00006v10270KDRSV-1     By: Drive

Exercise peddler from Drive Medical with attractive silver vein finish. Safe and gentle low impact exercise. Comes completely assembled.

  • Product Type: Foot Exerciser

was $37.32

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Over Door Traction Set

PG#: 00006v13004     By: Drive

Heavy duty, over door style home cervical traction unit by Drive Medical. One size fits all.


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    Thera-Band Exercise Ball

    PG#: 00002v9213     By: Complete Medical

    Increase flexibility, coordination, and strength wit this heavy duty exercise ball

    • Product Type: Activity Equipment



    ProStretch Leg Flex Exerciser- Both Legs

    PG#: 00002v10003B     By: Complete Medical

    Aids in stretching the lower leg muscles / tendons, especially the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.

    • Product Type: Activity Equipment



    Stretch-Rite Strap

    PG#: 00002v101380     By: Complete Medical

    Features six progressive color-coded handgrips to provide controlled stretch for improved flexibility and ROM.

    • Product Type: Activity Equipment



    Overdoor Exercise Pulley By Drive

    PG#: 00006v13005     By: Drive

    The overdoor exercise pulley by Drive Medical was designed to safely and easily increase range of motion whenever you please,

    • Product Type: Activity Equipment


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    PG#: 000010v2013     By: Thera Med

    Non-hardening silicone putty recommended for strengthening finger, hand and forearm muscles.

    • Product Type: Hand Exerciser



    Kinesiology Tape

    PG#: 00002vKT215BLK     By: Complete Medical

    Unique physical therapy tape for support athletes muscles and tendons.



      Exercise Squeeze Egg by Nova

      PG#: 000021vPA-E01     By: Nova

      Squeeze exercisers are used in hand and arm rehab and in grip improvement workout programs. Targets wrist, finger and thumb flexors.

      • Product Type: Hand Exerciser