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Personal Safety

Freeship Protecting the safety of an elderly patient is always top of mind. From safety strips to hand mitts, these items can help.
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SafetySure Transfer Belt

PG#: 00001vRI6034
By: Safetysure

Great for helping people with limited mobility to stand up or sit down. Numerous handgrips provide a variety of leverage points.



Cardinal Health Secure-Gard Cone Face Mask

PG#: 00001v55AT7509
By: Cardinal

Secure-Gard Cone Face Mask Shaped to fit securely around the nose and mouth

was $13.32


SafetySure Transfer Belt (Sheepskin Lined)

PG#: 00001vRI6033S
By: Safetysure

Sheep skin lined SafetySure Transfer Belt is 4 inches wide. It is used primarily to help patients get up and sit down.



Kitchen Stool with Removable Arms

PG#: 00006v12455
By: Drive

Personal care kitchen stool hip chair features removable arms and adjustable height.

was $72.21

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Heelbo Chair Belt

PG#: 00001v6412129
By: Heelbo

Heelbo Chair Belt (5x74in). Helps prevent slumping and sliding in a geri-chair or wheelchair.



Outdoor Step

PG#: 00001vJIIJR5919
By: Jobar International, Inc

Small, portable step for helping the elderly move through high step areas.



DMI Footstool with Handle

PG#: 00001v641902

Stool Platform Dimensions 10" x 14", Base of Legs 18-3/4" x 13-1/2",



Pillow Paws Slippers (Ankle High)

PG#: 00005v63471201
By: Pillow Paws

Pillow Paws Slippers (Ankle High) with Hard Soles Slippers have a high-ribbed ankle for added comfort and a secure fit.



Patient Chair Alarm By Drive

PG#: 00006v13605
By: Drive

This pressure-sensitive chair alarm alerts caregivers whenever a patient rises from a chair.


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Fast Alert Basic Patient Alarm With Chair Pad

PG#: 000010vGF13701C
By: Grafco

Notifies staff or caregiver when user gets out of bed or chair.



Pillow Paws Slippers (Below the Ankle)

PG#: 00005v36341200
By: Pillow Paws

Original foam slippers are made of soft, light-weight, nonskid foam. These slippers help maintain hygienic protection, are inexpensive and ideal for one-time use.



Posey Hand Control Mitt Hook and Loop Closure

PG#: 00005v28263000
By: Posey Company

Hand Control Mitt Economy Mitt One Size Fits Most Hook and Loop Closure Without Straps

was $26.65


Fast Alert Patient Alarm with Magnetic Pull Cord

PG#: 000010vGF13700
By: Grafco

Economical alarm that notifies staff or caregiver that a user has moved.



Footstool with Non Skid Rubber Platform By Drive

PG#: 00006v13030-1SV
By: Drive

The steel-welded silver vein construction on this foot stool by Drive Medical is durable and attractive.


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Posey Soft Hand Polystyrene Bead Fill Breathable Mitt

PG#: 00001v822810
By: Posey Company

Mitts protect patients who disrupt medical treatment hook and loop wrist closure



SafetySure Transfer Sling

PG#: 00001vRI3011
By: Safetysure

The SafetySure® Transfer Sling (SST Sling) is a universal transfer device with multiple uses and applications

was $73.32


Bariatric Foot Stool with Non Skid Rubber Platform

PG#: 00006v13037-1SV
By: Drive

A cross brace attached with aircraft rivets and 1" steel tube manufacturing give this heavy duty bariatric footstool


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Silent Call Shake-Up System with Sidekick Receiver and Strobe Vibration

By: Lifestyle Essentials

The Shake-Up System offers visual and tactile alerting when the smoke detector goes off, great for people who are deaf or visually impaired.


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