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Ostomy Skin Barriers and Wafers

Freeship Ostomy wafers and skin barriers for stoma sites and two-piece ostomy systems.

Holister New Image Flextend Extended Wear Skin Barrier

PG#: 00001v5014603     By: New Image

Ostomy skin barriers with an abundant amount of comfort minded technology.

was $46.65

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Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips

PG#: 00005v20334900     By: Securi-T

Sting Free Alternative To Paste, Ostomy Skin Barriers.


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Skin Barrier Rings

PG#: 00001v622325     By: Coloplast

Soft and flexible rings provide skin protection for stomas, fistulas, or draining wounds.


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CenterPointLock Cut-to-Fit Hollihesive Skin Barrier

PG#: 00001v503704     By: Centerpointlock

Sensitive skin specialized skin barriers for ostomy related uses.

was $53.32

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Stomahesive® Paste

PG#: 00001v51183910     By: Stomahesive

Protective Skin Barrier Paste For Ostomy Bag Sealing.



Holister Adapt Softflex Barrier Ring

PG#: 00001v507805     By: Adapt

Sting Free Alternative To Paste.



The Original Pink Tape®

PG#: 00001vHY110B     By: Pink Tape

Tape designed for ostomy patients - washable, waterproof, latex free, and easily conformed.



Eakin Cohesive® Seal Ring - SIze Large

PG#: 00001v51839001     By: Eakin

Sealable Ostomy Ring


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Stomahesive® Skin Barrier - 4

PG#: 00001v5121712     By: Stomahesive

Ostomy Skin Barrier In Square Shape.


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Stomahesive® Skin Barrier - 8

PG#: 00001v5121715     By: Stomahesive

Ostomy Skin Barrier In Square Shape.


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Stomahesive® Strips Moldable Adhesive

PG#: 00001v5125542     By: Stomahesive

Moldable adhesive stripes for uneven surfaces by ostomy openings. 15 per box.


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Adapt Barrier Strips

PG#: 00001v5079400     By: Adapt

Barrier strips for helping form fit ostomy barriers.

was $86.65

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New Image Flextend Convex Skin Barrier for Urostomies and Ileostomies

PG#: 00001v5014802     By: New Image

Ostomy skin barrier with floating flange, cut to fit opening, and attachment tape.


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SUR-FIT Natura® Durahesive® Moldable Convex Skin Barrier with Flange

PG#: 00001v51404593     By: Sur-Fit

Moldable skin barriers with flanges primarily for liquid heavy ostomy outputs.


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SUR-FIT Natura® Stomahesive® Flexible Skin Barrier

PG#: 00001v51125264     By: Sur-Fit

Ostomy skin barrier with flexible attachment area and audio locking mechanism.


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SUR-FIT Natura Durahesive Skin Barrier with CONVEX-IT

PG#: 00001v51413177     By: Sur-Fit

Basic pre-cut ostomy skin barriers in tape collars.


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Rubber O-Ring Seal

PG#: 00001v72103     By: Rubber-O-Ring

Rubber o-ring used to assemble the mounting ring to the pouch. Helps secure seal connection.


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CenterPointLock Flextend Skin Barrier with Porous Cloth Tape

PG#: 00001v508743     By: Centerpointlock

Extended wear skin barriers with porous cloth tape outline for CenterPointLock ostomy systems.

was $58.99

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Esteem synergy® Durahesive® Moldable Convex Skin Barrier

PG#: 00001v51409268     By: Esteem Synergy

Skin barriers for the Esteem ostomy system.


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Esteem synergy® Stomahesive® Cut-to-fit Skin Barrier

PG#: 00001v51405456     By: Esteem Synergy

Cut-to-fit skin barriers for Esteem Synergy ostomy systems.


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SenSura Click Ostomy Barriers

PG#: 00001v6210022     By: Sensura

was $37.49


SenSura Click Ostomy Pouches

PG#: 00001v6210165     By: Sensura

Coloplast SenSura® Click Two-Piece Closed Pouch with Integrated Wave Filter 3/4" to 1-3/4" Stoma Opening, 2" Flange, 8-1/2" L, 450mL, Large, Opaque, Double Layer Adhesive, Mechanical Coupling, Soft Moisture-Absorbent Backing, DisposableSenSura® Click two-piece solution combines the unique double layer adhesive with a removable bag. The bag is connected to the baseplate by a mechanical coupling system that gives a reassuring "click" when the bag is securely locked to the baseplate.