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Wound Ointments and Cleansers

Freeship After an injury or irritation, special cleansers and healing agents speed relief and help prevent further damage by putting down a layer of protection. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

Skintegrity Wound Cleanser 16 oz

PG#: 00003vMSC6016H     By: Skintegrity

Skintegrity wound cleanser helps to maintain an optimal wound healing environment.

  • Product Type: Sprays



Gentell® Wound Cleanser

PG#: 00001vGTL10080     By: Gentell

Available in single 8oz. spray bottle or case of 6 8 oz. spray bottles.

  • Product Type: Sprays



Curad Non-Sterile Petroleum Jelly

PG#: 00003vCUR005345Z     By: Curad

5 gram foil packets of white petroleum jelly. (Box-144)

  • Product Type: Tubes

was $24.99


Comfeel SEA-CLENS Wound Cleanser

PG#: 00001v621061     By: Sea-Clens

Saline-based wound cleanser that can be used instead of normal saline. No-rinse, isotonic, pH-balanced formula. 12oz spray bottle.

  • Product Type: Sprays



SAF-Clenz® AF

PG#: 00001v51159712     By: Saf-Clens

Available in single 12 oz. bottle or case of 6 12 oz. bottles.

  • Product Type: Sprays




PG#: 00003vCUR001109Z     By: Curad

  • Product Type: Packets



Curad A&D Ointment

PG#: 00003vCUR003501     By: Curad

Twelve 2 ounce tubes of A and D ointment by Curad.

  • Product Type: Tubes



CURAD Triple Antibiotic Ointment by Medline

PG#: 00003vCUR001209Z     By: Curad

CURAD® Triple Antibiotic Ointment helps prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns

  • Product Type: Packets



McKesson Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution 250 ML

PG#: 00005v62701900     By: Mckesson Brand

McKesson Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution For moistening of wound dressings, wound debridement, and device irrigation.

  • Product Type: Accessories